How Many People Are In A Mastermind? | Results Mastermind



This depends. There are a wide range of options.
There are free groups you can join online. On different social media platforms.
Some are free. With hundreds or even thousands of people in there.
Then there are intimate small groups.
Ranging from 3 to 15 people.
It depends on what you're trying to accomplish and the group structure.
I find a good sweet spot, is around 12 people.
You want to have at least 5 so there is good engagement and interaction.
But it depends on your expectations.
From my experience, that just it.
I've been in one with a lot of people. You call a conference line.
If you have a question, you press a key to raise your hand.
Those are actually okay.
It was really high-priced. The one I'm thinking of.
The quality of information was valuable.
It was good to hear everyone else's questions.
Sometimes I didn't know what questions to ask.
Again, it depends on what you want.
Do you want personal attention on what you're doing?
Do you want to dig through a free group? Find the answers and piece it together yourself?
Do you want to be in a focused room with an adviser you trust?
Do you want to hear a line up of people giving questions?
Getting answers to it.
Or do you want hand-holding, accountability and group interaction?
And there's frequency to consider. If your group is meeting once a quarter,
Maybe it's okay to have a mastermind group like that. There's 30 to 40 people in a conference type workshop.
Again, it depends on the group you join and what your goals are.

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