What Makes A Successful Business? Business | Executive Coach

What Makes A Successful Business? Business | Executive Coach

In this insightful interview, our distinguished guest is none other than acclaimed financial expert and renowned author, Daryl Urbanski. John has perfected the art of financial analysis for business plans, offering insights through his years of experience and keen understanding of market trends. The main focus of this interview is to delve into critical aspects such as sales forecasting, budgeting expenses, and understanding assets and liabilities. This learning session is perfectly suited for budding entrepreneurs, established business owners, and finance students alike. By listening to this interview, you will gain a holistic understanding of the financial planning phase of a business, enabling solid decision-making, risk mitigation, and ensuring business longevity.

Here are the reasons why you should listen to the full interview

  • Learn how to accurately forecast sales revenue, the lifeblood of any business venture.
  • Discover how to effectively plan and control your business expenses, thus ensuring your financial stability.
  • Understand the complexities of managing assets and liabilities and the impact of these elements on your financial statements.


Interview Highlights

Executive Coach Forecasting Sales Revenue

  • Daryl Urbanski explains the importance of revenue forecasting and how it can significantly affect business decisions.
  • He emphasizes the use of historical trends and market analysis for accurate forecasting.
  • "A well-done sales forecast sets the standards for expenses, profits, and growth." - Daryl Urbanski

Executive Coach Planning and Controlling Expenses

  • The careful planning of costs helps avoid financial pitfalls and maximize profitability, John advises.
  • He shares a few techniques on how to effectively categorize and monitor business expenditures.
  • "Controlling expenses is not about cutting costs, but allocating them wisely." - Daryl Urbanski

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Executive Coach Managing Assets and Liabilities

  • Daryl sheds light on asset management, explaining how properly managed assets could serve as leverage for businesses.
  • He discusses the importance of understanding liabilities and how these could affect a company's financial standing in the long term.
  • "Assets and liabilities need to balance. If they don't, your business model might be flawed." - Daryl Urbanski

Listen to the full interview for more insightful tips and strategies on financial planning for your business.

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