Insider Secrets To Build a Million Dollar Info/Membership Business Within 12 Months -- With Robert Skrob

The podcast features Robert Skrob, a globally recognized authority on subscription membership retention and renowned expert on customer retention and member engagement. Skrob’s insightful views on customer relationship management constitute a wealth of knowledge that is invaluable to any modern company. This interview covers the essence of crafting meaningful relationships, diagnosing common errors that impact relationships, and emphasizing a dynamic and iterative improvement process. If you’re a customer service manager, business owner, or anyone focused on establishing concrete customer relations and wanting to enhance your strategy, you’ll gain valuable insights from this discussion.

Here are the reasons why you should listen to the full interview

  • Learn how to substitute your online ticketing system with real, meaningful relationships.

  • Discover major mistakes people make in relationship management and how to rectify them.

  • Understand the importance of starting where you are and continuously improving your relationship management skills.


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Interview Highlights

Establishing Meaningful Relationships

  • Real connections are more than ticketing systems.

  • Building meaningful relationships entails communication, agreement, and fulfillment.

  • One-time customer interactions work similarly to a one-night stand, lacking lasting recall and value.

  • "You're not going to substitute an online ticketing system for a real meaningful relationship."

Common Mistakes in Relationship Management Robert Skrob

  • Failures often stem from overlooking the human component.

  • Even an apology from a call center maintains the human touch.

  • Robert iterates, "you could definitely improve relationships by having like even a call center."

Gradient Growth and Continuous Improvement

  • Recognition of one’s starting point is vital.

  • Continuous improvement mindset advisable over a ‘let’s just get this out’ mentality.

  • Robert advises, "It is critical to get started where you are... don’t stop improving."

Sustaining Success through Disciplined Habits

  • Success stories often share disciplined habits.

  • Characteristics and routines serve customers well.

  • According to Robert, "disciplined habits people have had led them to success."

Learning, Action, and Delegation

  • Reflect on lessons learned.

  • Implementation and action yield results.

  • Delegation facilitates efficiency.

  • Robert guides listeners to "take action as it’s the secret sauce to results."

Listen to the full interview to understand the importance of cultivating and maintaining customer relationships and how to avoid common mistakes in handling relationships.

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