Shaping Operational Excellence, Mastering Employee Engagement, and Paving Path to Sustainable Mining with Mike Cox

In this illuminating interview, we sit down with Mike Cox, a seasoned expert with over thirty years of experience in the topsy-turvy world of the metals processing industry.
Currently serving as the Chief Operating Officer at Westwin Elements, Inc., a vanguard of America's mineral independence crusade, based in Oklahoma. Mike sheds light on his journey and imparts valuable wisdom on how to boost employee engagement, the intricate relationship between mineral resources and technology, and the path to operational excellence. 

This discussion becomes essential for those engaged in industries reliant on mining and metal processing, business leaders looking for inspiration, and enthusiasts who wish to understand the journey of resources from mines to the palm of their hands, in the form of gadgets like an iPhone. Listening to Mike Cox, you get to gain from his wealth of knowledge and practical solutions amassed over three decades.

Here's why you should listen to the full interview:

  1. Learn how to transform mineral-rich land into a potential game-changer for the tech industry.
  2. Discover the significance of operational efficiency in the mining sector and how it translates into substantial cumulative benefits.
  3. Understand the cohesive culture at Westwin Elements and their focus on problem-solving skills and eliminating the toxic 'blame culture.'

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Interview Highlights:

From Land to Tech: The Journey of Mineral Deposits Mike Cox

  • Owning land with mineral deposits can become a game-changer in the tech sector.
  • Navigating the capital-intensive nature of building mines.
  • Mike shares how Westwin Elements has overcome down cycles in profit.

"How does someone owning land that they think has mineral deposits on it turn into an iPhone? It's all about seizing opportunity."

Nickel’s Many Faces: Understanding Application Across Industries Mike Cox

  • Nickel's wide range of applications discussed.
  • The process of refining impure nickel into a saleable form.
  • Operational efficiency and its importance in the mining process.

"Nickel's got a whole range of applications across various industrial sectors. And there's more than just one way to refine an impure form of nickel into a saleable one. Operational efficiency is crucial."

Building A Cohesive Culture: Fostering Accountability and Problem-solving Mike Cox

  • The significance of a constructive work environment rather than a blame culture.
  • Spotlight on developing problem-solving skills at Westwin Elements.

"It's easy to work in an environment where there's a blame culture. To have a culture whereby default we're looking for scapegoats is toxic."

Achieving Operational Excellence: The Role of Leader Standard Work  

  • The importance of leader standard work in reaching operational excellence.
  • Willingness towards regular management schedule improvements.
  • Working towards a net-zero emission goal.

"Leader standard work is really important. We ensured that we built into management schedules. Focus on the process and optimizing the process. Emissions net-zero is what we miners should aim for." 

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