Business Coaching in Boosting Sales: Boosting Sales By Getting Your Emails Delivered – With Adrian Savage

This insightful interview unravels the complexity of email marketing, with a particular focus on enhancing person-to-person relationships, fostering trust, and the significance of adaptability. Our guest today is a renowned expert in digital marketing. With extensive global experience and a reputation for results-driven strategies, his/her advice is a treasure trove of practical insights for both budding and experienced entrepreneurs. This interview is irrefutably essential for anyone vested in optimizing their email marketing strategies or seeking to understand the realm of digital communication better. The audience will gain an understanding of the critical aspects of email marketing and discern practical approaches to improve their strategies and build beneficial relationships with their customers.

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Here are the reasons why you should listen to the full interview

• Learn how to foster a personal relationship with your email subscribers and understand why it’s crucial to your marketing efforts.

• Discover strategies for improving the quality of your email content, focusing on relevance and value to enhance subscriber engagement.

• Understand the importance of flexibility in email marketing; learn when to hold on and when it’s time to let go.

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Interview Highlights

The real purpose of Email Marketing

• It's not about you, but the receiver and the problems they face.

• You have a duty to share any useful information.

• Money is a form of appreciation for a well-done job.

Dealing with clients’ mistakes in Email Marketing

• Entrepreneurs are often scared to let go.

• Recognize when someone no longer wants to receive your emails.

• Our guest stated, “Google sees almost half of all the emails circling the globe."

Email as a Personal Medium

• Respect the privacy and feelings of your subscriber.

• Avoid causing annoyance to the point of getting a personal abuse complaint.

• Deal responsibly with the repercussions, including possible shut down of your email.

Quality Over Quantity

• Focus on building a good relationship rather than gaining more subscribers.

• Our guest asserted, "Switching a provider won't help, it can hurt you."

• Take responsibility for your email reputation and quality.

Please listen to the full interview for in-depth insights on these subtopics and more.