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Every entrepreneur wants to take their business to the next level. But how exactly do you achieve this? You can simplify business growth into three parts: leads, sales and conversions, and fulfilment. The challenge is to make sure all three elements work together seamlessly. If you aren’t getting results, it’s time to assess and analyze what’s going on with your business operations. 

Our guest AJ Mihrzad is a business coach for over five years and a fitness trainer for over a decade. We also talk to him about mindset, daily habits, and limiting beliefs. At the end of this podcast, entrepreneurs and leaders will be able to compound their business growth through three simple steps.

Embark on this enriching journey about compounding your business growth!

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Discover how knowing the three elements of business growth can help you understand and determine your next steps.
  2. Learn the ways your beliefs may be limiting your success.
  3. Understand the importance of daily habits.


Episode Highlights

AJ’s Beginnings

  • AJ shares how he used to be chubby growing up. This led him to feel insecure and depressed, until he finally took action and made a change. 
  • Losing weight helped him gain confidence. 
  • He wanted to help others transform themselves as well. That’s how he got the idea of starting a personal training business. 
  • The ability to overcome a challenge can lead to helping others with the same setback.  

Adapting to Challenges

  • At first, AJ’s business was doing well due to referrals, but clients stopped coming because of the economy.
  • It was during this time that AJ immersed himself in the world of direct response marketing. 
  • Marketing is typically done in two forms: brand marketing and direct response marketing. 
  • The beauty of direct response marking is the ability to keep track of profits. This makes it easy to change your strategy as needed. 
  • Curious about direct response marketing? Check out the full episode. 

Know Who You’re Getting Advice From 

  • There are a lot of award ceremonies nowadays proclaiming experts and people in the industry. 
  • Check your references. Are people being judged based on sales or aesthetics? 
  • Be careful about who you’re listening to. 

Business Growth and Success Are Connected to Psychology 

  • AJ shares that a person’s mindset often holds them back from achieving the next level with their business.
  • You may have the best program and plan, but without follow-through, you won’t get the results that you want. 
  • We often blame our lack of success on external conditions. 
  • Take responsibility and know that you are the limiting factor. 
  • Understand and own up to your actions and keep moving forward. 

The Power of Association

  • Be surrounded by and keep learning from ambitious people. 
  • Don’t embody negative attitudes, beliefs, and opinions that won’t help your growth and development. 
  • Being in a healthy competition with others can drive you to do better. 

Three Elements in Any Business Growth 

  • The key elements of any business growth are leads, sales and conversions, and fulfillment. 
  • Your system should consistently deliver all three so that you can grow fast. 
  • Ask yourself if you have a system for generating leads, converting them into sales, and finally delivering on your services. 
  • Know your systems inside out, so you can pinpoint any holes and leaks in your whole process. 
  • Listen to the full episode for an in-depth discussion on these three elements! 

Pinpoint the Key Problem 

  • People tend to think they need to increase their leads, but the problem is sales and conversion. 
  • Do you know how many sales you make with every prospect? 
  • You should not be emotionally invested in stories that limit yourself. Objectively analyze the situation so you can take strategic steps. 
  • When you simplify your process, you can multiply your business growth. 

Choose Success Everyday

  • Your success is determined by your daily actions. 
  • You won’t reach your goal unless you put in the work necessary. 
  • Successful people don’t have weekends and holidays, they just keep doing the work. 

Learn to Ask for Help

  • Ask for help before you get overwhelmed. Don’t get stuck in analysis paralysis. 
  • There is information all around you in the form of coaches and seminars. 
  • Having a mentor will help guide you to faster business growth. 

Two Powerful Quotes 

“Perseverance is a quintessential ingredient to success in anything.”

“The compound effect really states that your success is determined by your daily actions.” 

About Our Guest

AJ Mihrzad is the founder of Online Super Coach and helps entrepreneurs worldwide build a successful online coaching business. He is passionate about scalable business and making sure entrepreneurs can do what they do best without sacrificing their income, impact, and independence. AJ is also a fitness coach at Life Fuel Fitness, with over 15 years of experience in helping people lose weight and becoming their strongest and most confident selves. 

AJ is also the author of The Mind-Body Solution and has contributed to the Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Thrive Global. 

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