Unlocking Financial Freedom: Strategies For BulletProof Accounting and Long Term Business Survival with Diana Gilson

Diana Gilson: In an era where knowledge is power, financial literacy and the skill of managing one's finance takes primacy, moreso for small and medium business owners. Our guest in today's podcast episode is someone who has successfully transformed QuickBooks use into a valuable asset for businesses – Diana Gilson.

Renowned for her expertise in job cost accounting, her company, Info Plus Accounting, Inc has sustained long-term impact by elevating the use of QuickBooks for managing the financial aspect of businesses. This interview is a golden opportunity for business owners to get a comprehensive understanding about the importance of having a simple accounting process and maximizing the use of innovative tools such as QuickBooks. Remember, just like health is wealth, a sound financial system forms the heart of a thriving business. 

Here are the reasons why you should listen to the full interview:

  • Learn how to streamline your accounting processes with the help of QuickBooks and job cost accounting.
  • Discover effective strategies for financial success and to sustain your business in the long run.
  • Understand the importance of having a simple and robust accounting system to save money and efficiently manage your business finance.

Interview Highlights:

Diana Gilson: Importance of financial literacy and money management

  • Many lottery winners end up bankrupt because they lack financial wisdom.
  • The goal for all, especially small and medium business owners, is to sustain and grow.
  • Many essential financial concepts are unknown to most people.

"The name of the game is to stay in the game as long as you can."-Diana Gilson

Accounting processes for small and medium businesses

  • Simple accounting processes can save money.
  • As businesses grow, they may require professional help to manage numerous transactions.

"If you can do this for yourself on the front end, you will save money."-Diana Gilson

Use of technology in accounting

  • Mobile phones can be used to track transactions and accounting.
  • There are security issues involved when it comes to home computer systems.

"As a firm, we're always very concerned about security."-Diana Gilson

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Accounting best practices

  • Regular update of transactions and report checking is necessary.
  • Businesses should invest in getting trained on month-end closing procedures to ensure accurate reporting.

"You should sit down and enter your transactions daily weekly. And you should look at your reports."-Diana Gilson

Accessibility to Information and Learning Resources

  • Diana Gilson's website and blog provide insights and training materials.
  • There are 90 hours of online training available for interested individuals.

"Where do people go if they want to learn more? Our website is called buildyournumbers. com."-Diana Gilson

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