Personal Business Coach | Sales Strategy and Skills: How to Attract Customers and Scale Your Business with Chandler Bolt

As A Personal Business Coach. Here Are Some Tips I Got From Chandler:

How can you attract customers and achieve optimal customer satisfaction?

Many sales persons believe that dropping prices is one surefire way to get your audience to buy your products. That’s too simplistic — sales are important. But there’s more to business than the sales process and sales cycle.

Chandler Bolt discusses the importance of keeping your product and services of their highest quality. This lets you charge higher and earn more revenue. He also talks about how writing his first book gave him the idea of coaching sales teams to produce and market their own. He shares his strategies in launching his first business and scaling it up in the past five years.

Chandler is someone you can count on. I say this as a friend and personal business coach.

We cover a lot of ground. So, don’t miss this episode to learn more about how to attract potential customers and when to scale up your business. Here you will learn why you should value the quality standard of your products and services to generate revenue.

Here are the three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

This interview is like your own personal business coach.

  1. Discover Chandler’s journey in launching a successful self-publishing school.
  2. Learn about how to attract customers through effective sales strategy and negotiation process.
  3. Find out the habits and routine Chandler practiced to get his business acumen and performance management.


Episode Highlights

Personal Business Coach | Publishing Chandler’s First Book

  • Chandler and his friend only planned to release a lead capture or sales pitch for their website.
  • They decided to assemble the book as a 20-page PDF. They launched it in an app as a part of their marketing strategy.
  • Their first book was a success, earning Chandler decent profits and making him an important sales professional.

Personal Business Coach | Career Challenges

  • Writing is by far the most challenging phase of self-publishing, according to Chandler.
  • When Chandler first started his business, most of the people in his sales team quit, and there were many upset customers.
  • The payment process of Chandler’s company wasn’t very good, and cash flow suffered.
  • Chandler learned that business isn’t all about sales. It’s about managing your cash flow, providing good sales training, and cultivating essential sales skills.

How to Attract Customers using Successful Sales Strategies

  • One of Chandler’s biggest strengths is his discipline, which is fundamental for sales reps. Planning weeks ahead helps him maneuver through the weeds.
  • He also lists his top three goals for the next day. This helps him to wake up proactively.
  • In terms of making his customers happy, Chandler mentions how they maintain high-quality standards.
  • He knows how to attract customers by ensuring that they receive high-quality service. Higher-quality service translates to higher-quality customers, leading to better profits overall.
  • Part of providing an excellent customer experience is readjusting expectations and rethinking sales processes. It involves reiterating sales training, and even redoing sales calls.

Personal Business Coach | Charging a Premium for Your Service

  • Chandler shares that his father is not the cheapest in the construction business. But he’s sure to do the best job as any sales manager would do.
  • His father found that people referred him because he was the cheapest rather than the best. In response, he began to raise his prices.
  • Chandler models his business similar to his father’s.
  • The worst jobs he had to do were ones where he discounted his price. Discounting is not how to attract customers who fit your company.

On Robert Cialdini’s Influence

  • Personal Business Coach Increases sales in the heart of every business. 
  • According to Chandler, what people are most afraid to do is to pre-sell.
  • Chandler liked Influence because it is the psychology of persuasion.
  • It talks about how you sell and how you price.
  • The author uses the story of a girl who ran a store to illustrate how people buy based on value.
  • Some owners think cutting their prices helps their business, but the reality is they are losing customers.
  • Listen to the full episode to know how this book changed Chandler's outlook on how to attract customers and scale business.

Advice from Chandler’s Dad

“Never take advice from someone who you wouldn’t gladly switch places with.”

  • Don’t take advice from a person who is successful in business but doesn’t have a life.

Obstacles Holding Back Chandler

  • The first thing holding him back is his aversion to taking bigger risks and jumping on things without certainty.
  • The second thing hindering him is analyzing his personal and business finances.
  • He hesitated to get his own personal business coach.

The Rockefeller Habits

  • Personal Business Coach Make's business decisions with supreme confidence requires taking all your data into account.
  • Rockefeller was highly proficient at analyzing his numbers, and they influenced every decision he made.
  • Thanks to his skill at reading data, Rockefeller’s businesses were still profitable even at the worst of times.
  • Listen to the full episode to learn how Chandler used the Rockefeller habits in his business.

Habits That Helped Chandler on His Path

  • He shares how his morning routine has been "pretty rock solid."
  • A routine helps him switch modes: once he starts working, he can focus on it.
  • By the time he starts his day, he’s done a lot more than most people.

Chandler’s Current Projects

  • He excitedly shares his team’s biggest launch with their self-publishing school.
  • Chandler’s business is running smoothly with an awesome program and coaches.
  • He has never seen their success rate this high in their industry.
  • The launch was a success primarily because Chandler has a lot of good affiliates.
  • They also hired a copywriter to help their team. Tune in to find out more about how Chandler made the launch of his project successful!

Two Powerful Quotes

“And a lot of times, you feel like you're doing good by cutting the prices, but you actually lose out on customers, because they just want quality.”

“Never take advice from someone who you wouldn't gladly switch places with.” -Mary Kate Olsen

Ancient Secrets Of Lead Generation

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About Chandler Bolt

Chandler Bolt is the CEO of Self-Publishing School, one of the 5,000 fastest-growing companies in the US. Self-Publishing School is an online education platform teaching individuals to write, market, and publish their first book for at least 90 days.

As the head of this company,  Chandler has helped revolutionize the publishing industry. He provides his clients one of the best curriculums in producing and writing their books.

Chandler is also an author of 6 best-selling books, including his recent work entitled "Published." He is also an investor, advisor, and host of the 7 Figure Principles Podcast. Through his books, podcast, YouTube channels, and business, Chandler has helped both writers and non-writers grow their business.

Recently, Chandler is spending his time scaling up Self-Publishing School. In 2020, #1,944 on the INC 5000. Self-Publishing School hit. If you want to reach out to Chandler, you can find him on LinkedIn.

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