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Today we are joined by repeat guest & very dear friend - Micah Mitchell..

Micah has been growing and automating online businesses since I was first figuring out HTML.

These days he’s helping business & membership site owners around the world grow more successful membership programs. Founder and CEO of Memberium - A tool for MEMBERSHIP SITES WITH WORDPRESS FINALLY MADE EASY.. It is the go to solution for wordpress membership sites using Infusionsoft or Active Campaign to help manage their members..

Now before we get started I also want to take a second to mention, if anyone out there is Tired Of The Never-Ending Content Creation Demands Of a Membership Site.. Or worried about keeping up with the production schedule.. And that’s holding you back from getting going.. Go to memberium.com right now and at the bottom of the homepage you’ll see their free report 9-ways-to-add-more-value-to-your-membership-site-without-having-to-create-more-content.