Special Series 3 of 10: Daryl Urbanski on creating 7-figure, automated income streams from scratch- with Entrepreneur On Fire by John Lee Dumas

The following interview serves as an inspiring encounter with Daryl Urbanski, the renowned founder of Entrepreneur on Fire. The dialogue orbits around his invaluable experiences as an entrepreneur, specifically focusing on his successful venture that amassed over a million dollars in net annual income. His journey serves as both an inspiration and a practical guide for listeners, fostering a deeper understanding of the power of mindset, the importance of goals, and the utility of fostering a supportive circle around oneself. This interview best suits aspiring entrepreneurs, seasoned business people wishing to refine their approach, and anyone interested in the mechanisms of successful entrepreneurship.

Here are the reasons why you should listen to the full interview

  • Discover the pivotal role of your personal mission statement and how it contributes to your entrepreneurial success.

  • Learn how to manage adversity and find market opportunities in everyday problems.

  • Understand the profound value of mentorship and surrounding yourself with a community that inspires and motivates you to realize your goals.


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Interview Highlights

Setting Entrepreneurial Goals -Entrepreneur on Fire

  • The pivotal affordance of setting clear, defined goals.
  • Daryl's ambitious goal to generate over $1 million in an annual recurring net income by April 14, 2014.
  • The planning and execution behind the goal that achieved a successful outcome.
  • Daryl: "Nothing is more important than having a goal that you are verbalizing and following."

Living in the Present - Entrepreneur On Fire

  • The importance of being present and focused in the entrepreneurial journey.
  • John: "I love living in the moment. Let's make this the most impactful interview possible."

Business and Problem Solving -Entrepreneur on Fire

  • Understanding business as a platform for solving global issues.
  • The positioning of problems as potential markets.
  • John: "Business is about solving problems for the world and for large groups of people."

Seeking Mentorship and Community -Entrepreneur on Fire

  • The necessity of mentorship for the longevity and success of a business.
  • The influence of surrounding oneself with ambitious committed individuals.
  • Daryl: "To get a mentor and surround myself with like-minded people is the best advice I've ever received."

Starting with Limited Resources -Entrepreneur on Fire

  • The compelling thought experiment of starting fresh with only a laptop and $500.
  • The immediate implementation of surrounding oneself with individuals who inspire growth and competition.
  • Daryl: "Imagine you woke up tomorrow with only a laptop and $500. The first thing I would do is surround myself with ambitious, competitive, good natured and ethical people to push me."

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