Finding the Right Fit for the Right Business with Susan Wos

Running a business takes hard work. The more you want to grow and scale your business, the more crucial it is to hire the right people. But finding them is difficult. It’s no wonder many business owners waste time, resources, and money going through bad hires.

In this episode, Susan Wos shares how her experiences with the salon industry led to her salon-professional matchmaking system. She shares the importance of asking the right questions and knowing what you want. Susan also discusses common hiring mistakes and what values to look for in any potential hire.

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This episode is for you if you want to strengthen your team with the right people!

Here are three reasons why you should listen to this episode:

  1. Understand how hiring mistakes cost you in the long run and why you should take hiring as seriously as marketing.
  2. Learn how to ask the right questions and what qualities to look for in a potential hire.
  3. Discover how Susan matches salon owners and professionals and how you can learn from her, whether in the salon industry or not. 

Episode Highlights

How Susan Got Into Entrepreneurship

  • Susan did not grow up in a family of entrepreneurs.
  • At 25, Susan worked for a large salon, but the business was starting to fall apart. Since she loved the industry so much, she wanted to open her salon. 
  • As a commission-based salon, one of her biggest challenges was personnel. In the episode, Susan explains in-depth the challenges she faced. 
  • She needed exposure and professionals with experience. She also needed to identify people who fit the salon. 
  • Susan shares she hired so many bad people, helping her understand what she’s looking for exactly. 

Build Your Business with the Right People and Strategy

  • You need to find someone likable, teachable, and reliable. 
  • Do your market research. For example, the barrier of entry to starting a salon is low. But you need to know your brand and what kind of people you want. 
  • Consider your demand, message, and location. Know who you are and who you will serve. 
  • The more specific you can be better. 
  • Businesses need self-efficacy, market intelligence, marketing strategy, and sales strategies and skills to succeed. They also need money management, business operations, business intelligence, and strategic planning.

Hiring Mistakes to Watch Out For

  • First, check your intake and application process. No matter how beautiful your location or website is, it can be offputting if the app is unclear. 
  • Don’t be overwhelming to the point that you scare off potential hires. Learn to ask the right questions. 
  • You need to be constantly innovating.
  • Your message needs to be consistent. If your social media projects itself a certain way, your website, and intake process needs to do the same.  

Daryl: “You want to have a long-term career in business? The only way to behave is with integrity and taking good care of people. That's the only way. You can fool all the people some of the time, some of the people all the time, but you'll never fool everyone all the time.”

What People Are Looking For 

  • Susan shares that more people look for flexibility and freedom, while some want to move up faster. 
  • People nowadays are not as motivated by money. They want work-life balance. 
  • Don’t dangle rewards and goals that are unreachable. People will eventually become frustrated and leave. 

Three Key Metrics for Your Business 

  • Delegate as much as you can. Focus on analyzing leads, sales, and retention. 
  • Hire people to complete your to-do lists. You’re there to hold them accountable. 
  • Daryl shares that it’s helpful to implement weekly three key metrics to keep teams on track.
  • Susan recommends the metrics of responsible, reliable, and hardworking. Try to have consistent meetings and feedback. 

Susan: “It's the little things that make such a big difference. I think we, as business owners, a lot of times, do forget that, and I know that salon owners do as well. And just those little, ‘hey, great job.’ Just whether it's verbal or physical, that reinforcement of things…that little stuff goes a long way.”

How to Ask the Right Questions for Hiring

  • Have a few questions ready to ask potential hires. Let them talk and observe their answers and expressions.  
  • Susan provides free interview questions and insights on how professionals see a brand’s social media and website. 

Susan: “The most important thing is letting them talk. There are a lot of over-owners who overtake the interview or really want to strongly direct it. Just letting them talk and getting a feel for it because a lot goes on the more emotionally involved you get.”

How to Become Successful

  • Learn to tap into good automation and systemization since it can free up your time and energy. 
  • Try things and get outside the box. 
  • Improve your marketing by asking your customers outright. They can provide insight into your SEO. 
  • You don’t need to look for full-time hires all the time. Get clarity on who exactly you need to hire.

How Susan Helps Business Owners

  • Susan offers software that helps owners clarify what works for them. 
  • The lowest subscription is $10 a month. You can get a free trial if you sign up on the website. 

Future of Industries and Enlightened Hire

  • Most people in the salon industry are employed or self-employed. Susan notes that there will be more hybrid setups in the future.
  • The industry also needs to become more adaptable to what’s available. Mentoring students should also be considered. 
  • Enlightened Hire currently operates in the United States and Canada. Aside from helping owners, it’s also helping schools and students. 

About Susan

Susan Wos has worked in the salon industry for over 27 years, from a senior hair stylist to salon owner and manager, to an independent stylist and consultant. Her struggles as a salon owner made her realize the importance of hiring the right people. She also founded Enlightened Hire, a salon employment matchmaker! 

Her software is one-of-a-kind and helps salon owners and licensed professionals find their perfect match. Check out Enlightened Hire for more details. 

You can also connect with Susan on  Facebook and LinkedIn.    

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