How To Make Millions Using Free Publicity – With Esther Kiss

Esther Kiss and Daryl Urbanski discussed the importance of networking, building personal brands, and turning customers into friends through face-to-face interactions and online connections. They emphasized the value of preparation, strategy, and relationships in maximizing publicity for business growth. Daryl Urbanski and Esther Kiss also discussed strategies for leveraging media coverage to drive business growth, including podcast interviews and providing valuable information and insights. Finally, they emphasized the importance of building trust and relationships in business, through language that resonates with clients and small gestures that surprise and delight.

Here are the reasons why you should listen to the full interview

  • Learn how to effectively approach and connect with leading podcasts.

  • Discover the two essential components needed to make a memorable impression: a headshot and a concise bio.

  • Understand the importance of having both marketing and publicity mechanisms in place to achieve the best results.


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Interview Highlights

Publicity and PR strategies with a guest expert

  • Esther Kiss is a publicity guru who helps experts get more publicity online for more leads and sales.
  • Esther Kiss is trilingual, speaking English, Hungarian, and Dutch, and has gotten clients on TV, newspapers, and podcasts.
  • Esther has 15 years of marketing and business development experience, and has lived in 6 countries.
  • Esther shifted from marketing to publicity, using direct response marketing tactics to generate traffic and credibility for clients.

Publicity and marketing strategies for businesses

  • People need to be prepared before seeking PR, with a clear purpose and reason for getting on a show.
  • Consistency is key in publicity, as one-time appearances may not lead to long-term success.
  • Esther discusses importance of having backend systems in place before pursuing publicity for a product or service.
  • Esther partners with a digital marketing agency to offer a comprehensive solution for clients without back end systems in place.

Marketing strategies for business growth, including podcast interviews and Facebook ads

  • Daryl Urbanski emphasizes the importance of having a sales process in place to capture leads and turn them into dollars.
  • Esther suggests that the most effective strategy depends on where you are in your business and what your goals are.
  • Esther podcast interviews and Facebook ads drive book sales and mastermind membership.

Leveraging multiple types of publicity (podcast, radio, TV, magazines) for credibility and lead generation

  • Esther Kiss discussed the importance of credibility in media and how it can lead to increased sales.
  • Esther Kiss worked with Speaker 1 for 11 months to improve their media credibility for a book launch.
  • Esther Kiss shared insights on leveraging media and publicity for business growth, emphasizing the importance of targeting niche audiences and building relationships with key influencers.
  • Daryl Urbanski asked follow-up questions on setting up ad interviews, revealing the importance of establishing relationships with platforms and reaching out to podcast hosts directly.

Networking, building relationships, and getting publicity for a business

  • Esther built a relationship with John Lee Dumas, host of Entrepreneur on Fire, through mutual interests and offering help.
  • Esther introduced Dumas to an event organizer in San Diego, helping him expand his speaking gigs.
  • Esther advises building relationships by offering value without expecting anything in return.
  • Esther suggests networking strategically with mutual friends to get introductions to desired contacts.

Leveraging social media for publicity, with emphasis on creating a strong online presence and tailoring assets for specific media outlets

  • Daryl Urbanski shared a tip on networking: use Facebook to connect with influential people.
  • Esther Kiss has a podcast called "Born to Influence" and has been running it for several years with co-host Matt Miller.
  • Podcast interviews require a high-resolution headshot and bio.

Creating a standard sales process and pitching oneself for podcast interviews

  • Esther provides tips for creating a short and powerful bio for podcast interviews 
  • Pitching yourself to podcast hosts requires intriguing curiosity and sending assets only after they've agreed to interview you
  • Esther discusses using podcast interviews to generate leads and traffic for one's funnel, with the offer being specific to the content being discussed.
  • Esther emphasizes the importance of having a standard sales process in place before seeking publicity, with the goal of building trust and leading to a purchase.

Leveraging unconventional marketing strategies for a beard care product

  • Daryl Urbanski discusses networking strategies for guests on podcasts, emphasizing the importance of providing value and building relationships.
  • Esther adds that a unique or entertainment-based product can help secure mainstream exposure through buzzworthy publicity.
  • Esther identifies podcast listeners as a target audience for their beard care product due to their affluence and social nature.

Publicity and media strategy for entrepreneurs

  • Customize content for target audience in different media outlets (podcasts, TV, magazines, etc.)
  • Prepare thoroughly for publicity to maximize impact and reach the right audience
  • Publicist faced challenge of clients lacking a clear target audience or messaging.

Publicity strategies for businesses

  • Esther shared their experience as a publicist, emphasizing the importance of education and results-driven approach.
  • Assessment quiz available at Home - Born To Influence - Thought Leadership For Founders helps businesses determine if publicity is a good fit, with actionable advice for those who are not ready.
  • Esther shared their experience working in marketing for a large fashion jewelry company in the US.
  • Esther Kiss discussed their approach to securing media coverage for their products through connections with journalists and bloggers.

Niching and personal branding for business success

  • Esther discuss niching strategies in marketing, including comparing and contrasting products/services.
  • Esther found success in business by overcoming introversion and engaging in face-to-face connections.

Importance of personal relationships in business

  • Daryl Urbanski emphasizes the importance of personal relationships in business, citing a quote from Drayton Bird's book "Common Sense Direct Marketing."
  • Urbanski believes that people prefer to do business with their friends, even if it means maintaining strong relationships through nepotism or favoritism.
  • Daryl Urbanski emphasizes building trust and relationships with clients to provide valuable advice and opportunities.
  • Esther Kiss highlights the importance of paying attention to the business side to be seen as a trusted adviser and build long-term relationships.

The importance of skill sets for success in business

  • Esther Kiss prioritizes booking guests on established podcasts with consistent publishing history (3+ months) to minimize risk of shows disappearing or not being paid.
  • Esther only books guests on shows hosted by successful entrepreneurs who have built multiple six or seven figure businesses to ensure reliability and consistency.
  • Money making is a skill set, not a get-rich-quick scheme.
  • Developing a demonstrated ability is key to success.

Building relationships with clients and influencers through personalized gestures and networking

  • Esther Kiss suggests surprising and delighting clients with small gifts or gestures to strengthen relationships.
  • Daryl Urbanski agrees, suggesting sending a postcard to clients as a way to show appreciation and build relationships.
  • Esther connects with influencers ahead of time to build relationships and find mutual benefits.

Podcasting, marketing, and business growth with tips from an experienced coach Esther Kiss

  • Daryl Urbanski shares valuable tips on how to leverage podcast interviews for business growth.
  • Esther emphasizes the importance of strategic planning and targeted advertising for maximum impact.
  • Esther encourages listeners to reach out to her through her website or email for coaching and support.
  • Daryl Urbanski invites listeners to interact with him on social media and subscribe to his podcast for more content.

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