How Do I Find A Mastermind Group? | Results Mastermind



You can find a mastermind group simply by
doing some google search, ask around to your friends, or maybe a mastermind group finds you.
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It depends on what your goals are.
First, think about what are you trying to accomplish for the mastermind group?
Try to do some searches online around that.
You can post in different groups, whether its on one social media platform or another,
You get some suggestions.
That's probably one of the bests ways to do it.
Birds with the same feather tend to flock together.
If you ask your friends, they might be able to recommend someone, or they might be already be in some sort of group.
That's really it.
It depends on what level you want to play.
Early on in my career,
I was part of the free groups.
With just friends that I kept in touch with from conferences and workshop and were trying to hold each other accountable.
But the problem with these, because no one's been paid, there's no one really holding the glue together.
And so they fall apart easily becuase its not structured.
That's something to consider.
Again, the difference of getting what you pay for, and you have a goal, who is actively collecting and organizing a mastermind group.
There might be people who have one.
But also you might want to think what stage of a mastermind group you want to be in.
My point is that, do you want to be in one that's new with a start up energy or thats been around in a long, with the people running it are casual and relaxed.
Join one or two and get a feel for it and be willing to do a trial and error.
Most will give you some sort of free trial.
Reach out and ask for it by all means
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