How Much Does A Mastermind Group Cost? | Results Mastermind



The price range can vary.
It depends.
You can think of it as when you buy anything.
You can buy cheap ones or make it yourself.
Or you can get the fancy ones.
The price range varies.
There are groups at $30 a month. There are groups for $2,000/$3,000 a month. It depends on the nature and purpose of the group.
Sometimes the pricing is used as a barrier.
So people in a certain group are at a certain level.
The pricing is to limit the group to people in a certain income bracket.
It's tough.
People aren't sharing their tax returns. So how do you know someone is REALLY making the money they say they are?
The way some people do it is through pricing.
I'ts important for you to figure out what your goals are.
Your reasons for joining and try to find the best fit for you.