Jack Born How to Create Effective Offers and Promotions

Multiple factors come into play when you’re building your business to success. One of these is how you promote and offer your products and services. That can be the key to converting potential clients into your buyers. There’s a plethora of advice you can see online — where do you even begin to make your marketing more effective? 

Jack Born joins us on the Best Business Coach Podcast to help entrepreneurs worldwide learn how to promote their businesses. We discuss the psychology behind marketing and how the use of deadlines can lead to sales. Jack also talks about his journey as an entrepreneur, from taking odd jobs to becoming a successful business owner. 

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Join us to learn how to restructure your promotions and use deadlines.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to this episode:

  1. Determine the best time to launch your product with the Goldilocks principle.
  2. Restructure your promotion strategies to become more effective.
  3. Discover how using deadlines can encourage your clients to take your offer.


Episode Highlights

[00:55] How Family Shaped Jack

  • Jack comes from a family of veterinarians. His grandfather also owned several clinics.
  • Growth can come from leveraging your assets and key points in your business.

Jack: “Where can I find leverage in my business, or how can I leverage up my skills or reputation? There are a whole bunch of different key leverage points that we can find in our business, but that’s really where the growth comes from.”

  • Jack's interest in business developed much later with the help of his grandfather’s words of wisdom.

[03:59] The Path to Entrepreneurship 

  • Explore, find out, and build a list of what you don’t want to do as a child. That can help you figure out what you want.
  • Jack graduated with a Spanish degree. When he was graduating, reading business books started his path to entrepreneurship.
  • He realized how to use his skills to earn more while working less.
  • Initially, Jack had various jobs. His miserable working experience pushed him to go out on his own.

[13:32] Launching Jack’s Business

  • One of Jack’s first client's work was to build a website for his friend. Going into business, he surrounded himself with people who believed in him and saw his hard work.
  • Afterward, he took on multiple odd jobs before going back into website design.
  • Jack learned how to PHP code with the help of a book and a code that would become a website.
  • Jack sent out emails and officially launched his business after a year of offering his website service for free.
  • He got a position working with Perry Marshall, where he learned a lot and met great people. After a few years, Jack focused on his software business.

Daryl: “It’s one thing to say that you’re going to leave your job and start a business, but it does take time. I’m speaking from personal experience. To find product-market fit and even product-market-founder fit, you do need to take time to figure that out. It’s a weird thing where you don’t necessarily learn from doing. You learn from iterations. You have to go out and fail and try and fail.”

[24:00] Common Mistakes in Business

  • Entrepreneurs often undervalue their products and services. Jack estimated how much he would need to charge for his business to be a success.
  • There is value in taking time to apprentice with someone who’s doing what you want to do.
  • One of Jack’s mistakes is not focusing on his business and its growth.
  • During his time with Perry, he found it was a mistake to think that doing the same thing as before would help the business grow. Different skills help bring you to success.
  • There are eight categories to help make a business successful. They are self-efficacy, strategic planning, market intelligence, marketing strategy, sales strategy, skills in money management, business operations, and business intelligence.

[34:30] The Goldilocks Principle and Customer Development

  • Customer development allows the developer to interview potential customers and pinpoint their problems.
  • You need the right questions to get truthful answers and accurate feedback.
  • The Goldilocks Principle is finding the best time to launch the best viable product. 
  • Before starting on a product, envision the minimum viable product that can give your client results. 
  • Identify if there is a problem that they’re willing to spend money to solve.

[43:12] Creating Sales Promotions

  • Restructuring how you offer a product can help with promotion.
  • That includes pricing, payment plans, trials, bonuses, and guarantees, among various factors.
  • According to Robert Cialdini’s Influence, six principles influence people’s behavior.
  • These principles include reciprocity, commitment, consistency, social proof, authority, likability, and scarcity. 
  • An offer that includes these principles can encourage people to buy the product.

[49:27] Enforcing Deadlines in Business

  • The Endowment Effect is when someone is reluctant to lose something because they value what is scarce.
  • Entrepreneurs can leverage this by using a special offer with a deadline. The deadline can encourage interested clients to take action.

Jack: “They're already interested. Your message is resonating with them. It's the deadline that gets them to take action. And if you don't have that deadline, then they're going to delay.”

  • A potential customer delaying their decision to act can lead to losing the chance of a sale.
  • Your offer should already have an existing demand in the market to use and enforce a deadline.
  • Jack started using deadlines by personalizing them to the person as they receive that email.

[01:01:20] Jack’s Habits to Success

  • Journaling for 10 minutes a day became a way for Jack to go through and write his days. 
  • That allows him to see what’s holding him back and make breakthroughs.
  • Jack also does daily meditation. Meditating helps you avoid being overwhelmed by your emotions.
  • He’s worked with many talented people who were much more skilled. Jack’s meditation habit allows him to set aside his ego and listen to their thoughts.
  • Take some time to go out and be in nature.

About Jack

Jack Born is an entrepreneur with expertise in software development and web design. With his interest in sales and marketing psychology, he creates software that helps entrepreneurs toward success. His experience and knowledge in marketing and software allow him to make programs to attract customers and improve businesses.

Jack was the marketing manager for Perry S Marshall and Associates and a financial adviser at Merrill Lynch. He is the founder and a developer of multiple software companies, including Deadline Funnell, Survey Funnel, and software for AWeber.

You can learn more about Jack Born on his website. Visit Deadline Funnel’s website to find out more about what Jack does.

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