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In the landscape of direct marketing, it's essential to keep a finger on the pulse of vital strategies and influential figures. This interview with Brian Kurtz, a stalwart in the industry well-known for his expertise on accountable advertising and direct marketing, is just the platform for such insights. With his upcoming book, "The Advertising Solution," Kurtz imparts valuable lessons from six significant influencers pivotal to his marketing acumen, serving as an invaluable resource for marketing enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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The conversation underscores the importance of the RFM formula: Recency, Frequency, and Monetary, a vital tool in understanding customer behavior and segmenting your list effectively. It also illuminates invaluable lessons from renowned books like "Breakthrough Advertising." Whether you're a novice marketer or a veteran in the business, this eye-opening exchange will leave you with tangible takeaways to elevate your marketing strategies and business performance.

Here are the reasons why you should listen to the full interview 

  • 1. Learn how to effectively apply the RFM formula in your direct marketing strategies.
  • 2. Discover the key influences behind Kurtz's marketing methodology with insights from his new book, "The Advertising Solution."
  • 3. Understand the enduring lessons gleaned from Gene Schwartz’s groundbreaking book, "Breakthrough Advertising."


a. The Advertising Solution by Brian Kurtz

b. Breakthrough Advertising by Gene Schwartz

Interview Highlights

The Relevance and Application of the RFM Formula

  • The RFM (Regency, Frequency, Monetary) formula is fundamental in direct marketing.
  • It helps marketers understand their customer's behavior thoroughly.
  • Effective segmentation of lists is possible by leveraging RFM.
  • Quote: "The RFM formula in direct marketing is not just about listing, but really understanding the behavior of your list."

Insights From "The Advertising Solution"

  • The book profiles six influential figures in marketing.
  • It can serve as a handy reference guide for marketers.
  • Quote: "The beauty of the book is that it becomes almost like that kind of book you could keep by your desk next to the thesaurus and the dictionary."

Enduring Wisdom From "Breakthrough Advertising"

  • The book, written in 1966 by Gene Schwartz, has lessons still applicable today.
  • It offers high-level experience for a relatively low cost.
  • Quote: "For like $20, you can access almost 1000 years of the highest level experience. Ignorance is not bliss. You can avoid that and just be free to jump in.

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