How To Make A Budget Plan For Small Business? | Money Management

How To Make A Budget Plan For Small Business? | Money Management

In today's competitive business environment, crafting a feasible budget is more essential than ever. Our interview today revolves around this pivotal topic, where we have invited an industry expert, Daryl Urbanski. Daryl, with her decades-long insightful experience in financial planning for businesses, will walk us through how to create an effective budget strategy for your small business. This interview is loaded with practical insights and guidance – tailored explicitly for small business owners or anyone in the process of launching their own business. It aims to enable you to take charge, forecast your expenses, implement pre-orders, and circumvent needless financial commitments.

Here are the reasons why you should listen to the full interview:

  • Learn how to identify and inventory your fixed expenses.
  • Discover the strategies to effectively map out your budget plans.
  • Understand the benefits of incorporating preorders to minimize financial risks.
  • Useful budgeting tools - QuickBooks, Mint, and Excel Spreadsheets,
  • Coursera's Course: "Accounting for Decision Making" 
  • The online article: "Budgeting Strategies for Small Businesses" via

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Interview Highlights

The Importance of Money Management for Small Businesses

  • Demonstrates the cruciality of budgeting in managing finances and achieving business goals through money management.
  • Clear differentiation between surviving and thriving businesses
  • Direct relation of budget with business vision and growth
  • Quote from Daryl: "A well-planned budget puts you in the driver's seat of your financial journey, helping your small business not only to survive but to thrive."

Identifying and Inventorying Fixed Expenses

  • Explanation of fixed expenses and their identification
  • The significant impact of fixed expenses on the profitability assessment
  • Sheds light on reduction strategies for fixed expenses
  • Quote from Daryl: "Identifying and properly inventorying fixed expenses is the first building block of a sound budget plan."

Operationalizing Pre-orders

  • Highlights the advantages of implementing pre-orders
  • Discusses the mechanics of successful pre-order strategies
  • Presents real-life examples of businesses with pre-order model success
  • Quote from Daryl: "Implementing pre-orders can help you foresee your revenue, ensuring the money is there before you make any major financial commitments."

Practical Budgeting Tips for Small Businesses

  • Shares practical tips and techniques for effective budgeting
  • Highlights the importance of cost-cutting without compromising business vision
  • Details about the deployment of technology in budget planning
  • Quote from Daryl: "Mapping out a budget can be challenging initially, but with patience and the right tools, it can become your most influential financial compass."

Please listen to the full interview as Daryl elaborates further in-depth about budgeting for small businesses. Happy listening !

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