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Scoring a big business deal would make anyone excited. Why wouldn’t it? But that happy feeling can make us shortsighted and forget why we started the business in the first place. We jump in without analyzing the risks and completely fail to see the bigger picture. A strategic business won’t make blind moves like that. The solution to this problem lies in repeatedly asking, “What do I want out of my business?”

At the end of this podcast, you will learn how to achieve strategic business growth. Our guest, Konstantinos Kaloulis, shares how he overcame the greatest challenge of leading a professional team in his career. We talk about how he led Doodle Video’s success, his strategic hiring process, and the value of freedom in entrepreneurship.

Tune in to this value-filled conversation on managing your team and business systems!

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Discover the most strategic business techniques for hiring the right people on your team.
  2. Find out why you should hold back the excitement from getting big deals.
  3. Learn the secrets to effectively managing business growth.


About Konstantinos

Konstantinos Kaloulis is the founder of Doodle Video, the world’s #1 animated video marketing company. As a marketing strategist, he leads entrepreneurs in utilizing top-of-class animated video marketing. Doodle Video has a wide range of services, from video sales letters (VSLs), landing page videos, video ads, etc. Its mission is to generate more leads and higher website conversion rates for clients.

You can connect with Konstantinos through his Facebook and Twitter.

The Importance of Knowing What You Want Out of Your Business

Konstantinos’s Beginnings

  • Before he got into the business, Konstantinos used to be in the music scene and promoting for clubs.
  • He was able to reflect on himself one time while he was in a producer’s mansion. He realized that he felt like he was missing out.
  • Deep down, he desired to obtain the things he had while benefiting other people.
  • That same day, he started researching and learning about business mentors.

Doodle Video’s Success

  • Doodle Video has become the world’s #1 whiteboard video production and video advertising agency.
  • They’re rebranding 6-, 7-, 8-, and 9-figure business leaders, marketers, brands, and best-selling authors.
  • Before Doodle Video, Konstantinos was working with major brands and their marketers.
  • He started out drawing the videos himself for Doodle Video. Now, there are 140 people in the company.

The Greatest Challenges in Konstantinos’s Career

  • His biggest challenge was managing growth. 
  • He had to transition from being a one-person shop to building a team of professionals and training potential team members.

Hiring the Right People

  • Even big businesses make mistakes when hiring people. 
  • Listen to the full episode to know how Konstantinos lost around $120,000 for hiring the wrong team members!
  • Now, they’re more strategic in hiring, ensuring that the applicants thoroughly understand the position and can produce results.
  • Sometimes, entrepreneurs are not ready to hire a person yet. Either they don’t understand the responsibilities to be assigned, or they’re not capable of making the person understand the job.
  • Konstantino has two categories for his employees: the main team and the assembly line. Tune in to the full show to know how Konstantinos manages his team!

The Best Piece of Advice

  • Konstantinos is an entrepreneur who looks at the positive aspects of everything.
  • While doing multiple big deals months ago, his business partner gave him valuable advice: always analyze the big picture in every deal he gets.
  • Ask yourself, “In what ways can I personally lose out from doing this deal?”

How to Manage Strategic Business Growth

  • Konstantinos had to start seeing the business as a family.
  • It’s about finding the problems and fixing them strategically. Some people make a big mistake before they even start: choosing the wrong business type.
  • Don’t compromise on your dreams, and don’t look for quick money. You have to analyze what you want to make money for and evaluate the business’s potential.
  • Hire a reliable team that you can trust.
  • Listen to the full episode to learn what the Lamborghini test is!

Navigating the Internet Marketing Space

  • Konstantinos came into the Internet marketing space two years ago. There are geniuses and garbage in this space.
  • However, Konstantinos noticed that people rarely explain how to build a company with the right structure.
  • This space is getting people into creating content and trading their time for money. A strategic business requires that you be crystal clear about what you want to do.

Knowing the Downside of Information Products

  • What is the opportunity cost? What are you losing to take the time to consume them?
  • Often, people who sell information products aren’t properly qualified to help those who pay them. There’s no understanding of how to help their customers achieve their goals.
  • People selling information products need to provide an overview and extra guidance on the use of that information.

What’s Next for Konstantinos

  • He currently manages multiple businesses, leads Doodle Video, and handles a $100,000 coaching program.
  • Konstantinos guarantees to turn clients’ companies into one of the top three brands in their entire marketplace within 12 months.
  • His company also does buying-and-selling of companies.

Konstantinos’s Biggest Takeaways

  • Being bored is a privilege.
  • You have to see people as people and not as numbers. 
  • Konstantinos now accept three phone calls a day instead of 20 to 30 phone calls.
  • We have to take the time to connect with people at a deeper level.
  • Being a good person pays off.