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No new business owner wants their ventures to rest on shaky grounds in the long run. To establish strong pillars for a startup, implementing effective systems and processes is necessary. They are the building blocks that will support your entrepreneurial growth, as well as increase employee satisfaction. That’s why aspiring entrepreneurs shouldn’t take this strategy lightly and instead experiment with ways to leverage profitability before it’s too late.   

In this episode, Terry Ogburn, the owner of Ogburn’s Business Solutions, joins Daryl to talk about his entrepreneurial experience and spirit that drove him toward business excellence. He recalls the humble beginnings that propelled him toward his current successful endeavors. Finally, he lays out the systems and processes that elevate his business standing. 

If you are a new business owner just starting up, then this episode is for you! 

3 reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Discover ways to deal with the challenges faced by entrepreneurs head-on. 
  2. Learn how to overcome habits that obstruct your path to a successful business.
  3. Find out the processes of hiring competent staff members to fulfill customers’ needs.


Episode Highlights

[02:47] Terry’s Humble Beginnings

  • Terry’s first real business venture was delivering newspapers around his neighborhood.  
  • The job taught him to organize a business plan. His was to purchase his first bicycle. 
  • At the age of 8, he got into door-to-door sales, selling his mother’s bushels of vegetables.

[08:23] Gatekeeping in Business

  • It’s easy for other businesses to hang up on you, but it’s difficult for them to be rude to you. 
  • The tougher the gatekeeper, the easier the sale. Tune in to the podcast to learn how you can get past a gatekeeper in business. 

[11.07] Terry’s Business Challenges

  • When he was fired from his car business job, he ran out of money to pay his bills.
  • Good mentors took him under his wing, helping him to weather his financial obstacles.
  • Building a business from the top-down has a greater chance of success.

Terry: “When you build your business from the top down, and this is what I impress upon people, you have a better than a 90% chance of success.”

  • Delegate a task to each day if you can’t hire people.
  • His “money crunch” experience showed him how much his team believed in him and chose to stay by his side. 

[17:51] Camaraderie in Business

  • People appreciate it when you lay all your cards out and be transparent.
  • If they are part of the decision, they will make the right decision.
  • Having one wrong person on your team damages the whole system.
  • You can go as fast as the slowest person on your team.
  • Customers’ wants and needs are completely different. Listen to the full episode and discover how Terry’s team provides excellent customer service by understanding the distinction. 

[23:05] Pricing as Competitive Edge

Daryl: “In business, people are worried about being the cheapest solution instead of just being the best.”

  • Terry’s company was considered to be one of the most expensive companies out there. His superior customer service was a factor in the high price. 
  • Pricing has no competitive advantage.
  • All companies should strive toward excellence.

[25:57] Terry’s Efforts Toward Excellence

Terry: “Your enemy from this day forward is good. We don’t want you to be good anymore; we want you to be excellent.”

  • Disney’s competitors are not other theme parks. Listen to the full podcast to learn who their competitors are and the reasons behind it. 
  • Terry elevates his system by stepping into the role of a business developer instead of a consultant or coach.
  • His main focus is to fix his client’s bottom line and make money.
  • Furthermore, he adopts an upside-down organizational chart, making the customer the boss. 
  • The improved system empowers his employees to make mistakes and learn from them.

[31:55] The Systems In Terry’s Company

  • The frontline workers interact with the customers, while the team members in middle management are responsible for providing training programs.
  • Terry’s hiring system follows a three-step interview process with a different person assigned in each stage.
  • The lower person conducts the first interview to test candidates’ qualifications in the process.
  • Then, the owner of the company performs the next step to ensure the candidate can adapt to the company’s culture. 
  • Lastly, the third person is the one who goes over the position contracts with the candidates.

[36:38] The Efficient Hiring Process

  • Create your pro forma
  • As you increase your business, you have to understand your workload. 
  • It’s crucial to hire people before you get your business on board.
  • Training new employees upfront creates a smooth transition in helping out with the business. 

[40:29] Maintaining Quality Control

  • The first step is to build a business based on a trend graph.
  • Other than mass advertising and direct marketing, you need to think of other promotional strategies to adapt to the ever-changing business. 
  • Neural linguistic programming emphasizes the importance of mastering consumer knowledge. 
  • 86% of people start their buying process online because they want to get educated on what they want to buy.
  • Building trust and rapport should be a priority when advertising products and services.

[46:59] Habits to the Path to Success

  • Habits are either learned or unlearned, and it takes 21 days to learn one.
  • To change that behavior, you must first decide to do it. 
  • Secondly, enforce discipline in your life to hold up your decisions.
  • Thirdly, you have to be decisive about your time and action steps.
  • Lastly, visualize the outcome to have a clear picture of what this new decision will look like when it’s complete.

Terry: “If you put those four disciplines, or those four tasks in your life — decision, disciplines decisiveness, and visionary — you should win on all counts.”

[50:55] Understanding Our Subconscious Mind

  • People tend to forget that our subconscious is actually in control.
  • The reticular activating system in the brain acts as our “executive secretary”. 
  • Repetitive negative expressions can subconsciously imprint in your head, creating a detrimental perception of yourself.
  • It’s better to brainwash yourself to believe that the impossible is possible.

About Terry

Terry Ogburn is the acclaimed owner and Lead Business Coach of Ogburn’s Business Solutions. His innovative coaching system and personal dedication have led hundreds of small to large businesses to strive toward excellence. 

In 1985, he began to mentor other small business owners, giving him recognition as a leader in the business community. Later, he became a founding team member of EXA Travel in Miami and took on the role of Director of Training. 

To learn more about Terry, check his website. You can also find him on LinkedIn.

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You may be planning to start your business but clueless about where to start. As we all realize, a business is a complex, risky endeavor, especially if you’re just starting out. We hear many success stories, but we fear ours will turn out to be the opposite. So what are the strategies we should begin with to ensure the sustainability of our business? 

In this episode, Terry Ogburn joins us to talk about his entrepreneurial experience and spirit that drove him towards business excellence. He recalls the humble beginnings that propelled him toward his current successful endeavors. Finally, he lays out the systems and processes that elevate his business standing. 

By the end of the episode, you’ll have gained knowledge and confidence in starting your business ventures from scratch. 



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