They’d Rather Text! How To Talk With Young Employees – With Anastasia Button

In today's compelling interview, we have the privilege to gain insights from Anastasia Button, an acclaimed author of the book "New Job, New Life: The Millennials' Take Charge Plan for Success". Known for her drive in helping others discover their purpose in life, Anastasia dives deep into the changing demographics within modern businesses. This conversation is a must-listen for a business owner and entrepreneur looking to bridge generational gaps, maximize their company’s potential, and create a well-rounded workforce. Improving communication and understanding the unique blend of skills each generation brings are vital aspects of this discussion. You'll walk away from this interview with fresh ideas to revitalize your business by leveraging the strengths of diverse age groups.

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Here are the reasons why you should listen to the full interview:

  • Learn how to understand and connect with your employees across all generations.
  • Discover the importance of harmonizing experience and innovation within your organization.
  • Understand the role of soft skills and technology in shaping your company's future.


Interview Highlights:

Bridging the Generational Gap within Companies

  • Understanding and addressing the ratio between Millennials, Boomers, Gen X, and Gen Z in your company is critical.
  • Having open communication is key.
  • Anastasia emphasizes, “When you understand the diverse generation mix in your company, you’ll grasp the core of your business dynamics."

The Balance of Experience and Life Stages

  • The interplay of experience and life stages sets the communication roles within a company.
  • Anastasia suggests, "It's beneficial to keep your older generations in your company and hire younger generations to learn from them."

The Significance of Soft Skills and Technological Advancements

  • CEOs are favoring soft skills like communication and friendly personality.
  • Older generations typically possess these soft skills, while younger generations bring technology and innovative experiences.
  • As Anastasia quotes, “There’s so much communication that can happen between generations that will enhance the future of your company.”

The Influence of IBM's Millennial Core on Corporate Communication

  • IBM has developed a millennial core to bridge the gap between the C-level executives and the operational level employees.
  • Anastasia emphasizes the importance of listening to direct customer feedback and ensuring this reaches upper management levels.
  • Anastasia’s reflection, “With technology, having as few steps as possible between direct customer feedback and the C-level executives have transformed corporate communication.”

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