What Are The Rules To Mastermind? | Results Mastermind



Every group is different.
One rule from my mastermind group is you have to participate.
If you're not engaging, contributing,
You're also not learning and growing.
For me it's not all about the money.
It's not my primary source of income.
It's something I do and enjoy.
If you're not active,
Then you'll be removed from the group.
In a mastermind group, everyone shares information.
Someone's going to show their income, or trade secrets with you.
You should respect the value of the trust.
It just depends on the group,
They all have different rules.
But for us, also we have character rules.
Don't just complain,
Make sure to identify and describe solutions for the problem.
Aside from that, the rules to a mastermind group depends on different factors.
Your orientation should tell you right from the start about it.
To avoid starting on a wrong foot.
Or before you join. You should find out. Ask their rules to make sure it's a fit, and you can comply with them.