What Every Business Owner Ought To Know About Growing Their Company – With Roy Furr

Step into the mind of master copywriter and direct marketing consultant, Roy Furr, renowned for grooming several clients in the wealth industries, marketing, business, and investing sectors. This enlightening interview delves into the keys of Roy's successful strategies in copywriting, marketing, business building, and his renowned project “Breakthrough Marketing Secrets.” Essential for aspiring copywriters, entrepreneurs, and marketers, this engaging session unravels the secrets of capitalizing on already existing business assets and making significant profits via a well-structured back-end offer. Roy’s profound insights bring a fresh perspective on profit maximization that could radically amp up your business game plan.

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Here are the Reasons Why You Should Listen to the Full Interview

Firstly, learn how to effectively utilize the concept of 'back-end offers' as a profit maximizer. Discover the value and potential of already existing assets within your business and how to exploit them for enhanced profit. Understand the significance and functionality of the 'pipeline' in business and its far-reaching effects.


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  2. Roy recommended understanding the works of Jay Abraham, particularly his philosophy of 'The Three Ways to Grow a Business.' He also suggests reading Influence by Robert Cialdini for its psychological insights into profitable marketing.

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Interview Highlights

The Mechanics of Back-End Offers

  • Back-end offers are profit maximizers, usually a subscription or a high-priced product, targeting previous buyers.
  • An example is a client with a $50/year newsletter and a $3,100 solar generator. Buyers of the newsletter respond more to his offers.
  • Businesses should allow customers to “climb a ladder of how much they'll spend with you.”
  • "The biggest asset in any business is the customer relationship because once they trust you, they'll buy more."

Maximizing Business Assets

  • Make the most of preexisting assets within a business.
  • Ponder on what other services or products you could refer out to other businesses.
  • Consider how a subscription model could be applied to various business aspects.
  • "The most valuable thing in any business is the pipeline."

Understanding the Value of a Pipeline in Business

  • A pipeline forms a chain of services or products catering to customers' needs.
  • Such a system could include swimming lessons, fences, patio furniture, or even insurance.
  • Efficient applications of a pipeline diversify your profit sources.
  • "Your business could refer out the proverbial next step in the customer's journey for a cut of the proceeds."

Remember to listen to the full interview to grasp all the expert tips from Roy Furr and significantly level up your business strategies.