Business Coaching and Training: How To Stop Holding Your Business Back – With Alex Charfen

Entrepreneurs must prioritize physical movement to maintain momentum and avoid burnout, according to Alex Charfen and Daryl Urbanski. Establishing habits such as morning routines, staying hydrated, and eating nutritious foods can help maintain a high level of presence and awareness.

Understanding one's entrepreneurial personality type can help navigate business challenges more effectively, as discussed by Daryl and Alex. Scaling a business requires transitioning from transactional management to transformational leadership, as highlighted by Darrell Urbanski and Speaker 2. Adapting to changing business trends, leveraging technology, and planning for success through strategic thinking and goal-setting are crucial for entrepreneurs to achieve success.

Why Listen to the Full Interview

  • Learn how to define key roles and responsibilities in your business setup for optimal productivity
  • Discover Alex's intriguing take on why a business should never be sold but rather expanded
  • Understand the pivotal role of communication and leadership in propelling your business into nine-figure territory


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Interview Highlights

Alex Charfen: Entrepreneurship, physiology, and pressure management.

  • Daryl Urbanski interviews Alex Charfen on business growth and entrepreneurial personality type.
  • Alex Charfen shares his strategies for business owners, featured on MSNBC, CNBC, Fox News, etc.
  • Daryl Urbanski and Alex discuss the importance of physical activity for entrepreneurs, citing its impact on productivity and well-being.
  • Alex argues that entrepreneurs are evolutionary hunters driven to create a new reality and bring it back to the present, and that physical inactivity builds pressure and noise that can lead to poor decision-making and crashing.

Importance of physical exercise for entrepreneurs' success.

  • Alex Charfen emphasizes the importance of physiological factors in creativity and success, particularly movement and exercise.
  • Alex shares personal experience of struggling with weight and the negative stigma associated with it, highlighting the difficulty of making progress.
  • Alex grew business to $250 million in 20s, but margins were low (2-3%) due to high costs and lack of knowledge.
  • Alex overcame health issues and business struggles by prioritizing movement and fitness, now coaches top entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship, productivity, and the importance of morning routines.

  • Daryl Urbanski discusses the importance of physical fitness for entrepreneurs, citing research showing a direct correlation between fitness level and income.
  • Alex highlights the lack of time management skills among entrepreneurs, leading to sacrifices in other areas of their business or personal life.
  • Alex emphasizes the importance of Keystone Habits, such as a morning routine and staying hydrated, for maintaining high levels of presence and awareness.
  • Alex's course, Momentum Masterclass, teaches these Keystone Habits to help entrepreneurs build momentum and avoid getting taken out of the game.
  • Speaker 2 recommends writing down a morning routine to stay on track during hyper growth in a business.
  • Having a written morning routine with breathing, hydration, and movement practices can serve as an insurance policy for entrepreneurs during hyper growth.

Entrepreneurial personality types and their characteristics.

  • Daryl Urbanski and Alex discuss the importance of morning routines for entrepreneurs.
  • Alex identifies four populations in the world, including caretakers, and explains why entrepreneurs need morning routines.
  • Alex identifies three personality types: caretakers, communicators, and coordinators.
  • Alex and Daryl Urbanski discuss their respective types and their preferences for small talk and committee work.
  • Daryl Urbanski shares frustrating experience with committee-based decision-making, highlighting the challenges of coordinators who prioritize rules over action.
  • Speaker discusses evolutionary hunters, a missing group in entrepreneurial personality types, and their ability to turn momentum on and off.

Entrepreneurship, retirement, and the importance of purpose and meaning in life.

  • Daryl Urbanski and Alex Charfen discuss the concept of retirement and the need for purpose and meaning in life.
  • They agree that having a purpose is essential for mental and emotional well-being, and that sitting idly for long periods can lead to feelings of insignificance and boredom.
  • Alex discusses the importance of communication structure in growing a business from 8 to 9 figures.
  • Alex emphasizes the need for a clear plan to achieve business goals, rather than just vision or mission statements.

Delegating tasks and outcomes to team members for business growth.

  • Entrepreneurs must transition from transactional management to transformational leadership to scale their companies.
  • Alex emphasizes delegating tasks and outcomes to grow a business.
  • Alex coaches team members to achieve desired outcomes, rather than micromanaging.
  • Daryl Urbanski: Giving control to others can be challenging for entrepreneurs.
  • Alex: Entrepreneurs need to learn to cope with giving control and put processes in place.

Entrepreneurship, future trends, and organizational systems.

  • Daryl Urbanski and Alex discuss the importance of systems thinking and organizing a business for maximum efficiency.
  • They emphasize the need to create a future through entrepreneurship, rather than just reacting to the present moment.
  • Entrepreneurs are seen as risk-takers who create new products/services through hard work and dedication.

The importance of effective communication and leadership in entrepreneurship, with a focus on overcoming pressure and noise to achieve success.

  • Alex emphasizes importance of communication system within a company to achieve success.
  • Creating a clear vision and executing it with a high-performing team is key to building a massive organization.
  • Alex shares personal story of overcoming hardship to achieve success.
  • Pressure and noise can trip up entrepreneurs, despite their determination.
  • Alex emphasizes the importance of setting rational goals and predicting the future as a leader.
  • Alex encourages entrepreneurs to break free from psychological conditioning that leads to breakthroughs in pain.

Predicting the future with a calendar and the importance of hydration for overall health.

  • Daryl Urbanski predicts future success with a calendar, inspiring faith and motivation among team members.
  • Entrepreneurs who don't plan for the future will struggle to achieve their potential, according to the speaker.
  • Alex emphasizes importance of hydration for overall health and wellness.
  • Free 10-day hydration challenge available at , with physicians and athletes endorsing it.

Hydration and its importance for overall health.

  • Daryl Urbanski emphasizes the importance of hydration for overall health and well-being.
  • Urbanski encourages listeners to visit for more information on hydration and its benefits.
  • Alex Momentum: Podcast host & entrepreneurial personality expert
  • Momentum podcast: Valuable content for entrepreneurs & their teams

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