Business Coaching and Training: How To Stop Holding Your Business Back – With Alex Charfen

The interview features a rich and stimulating interaction with two influential personalities, Daryl and Alex Charfen. As experienced entrepreneurs and successful business pioneers, both guests bring to the table a wealth of knowledge and practical insight that will prove invaluable. Centered around business growth and management strategies, this dialogue unravels the complexities of taking your company from an eight-figure to a nine-figure behemoth. Daryl draws up an intriguing categorization of people in business, while Alex discusses the importance of communication structure. If you're an entrepreneur seeking to strategically escalate your business and enhance your management approach, this conversation offers an indispensable guide to the art of business growth.

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Why Listen to the Full Interview

  • Learn how to define key roles and responsibilities in your business setup for optimal productivity
  • Discover Alex's intriguing take on why a business should never be sold but rather expanded
  • Understand the pivotal role of communication and leadership in propelling your business into nine-figure territory


Interview Highlights

Alex Charfen: Four Key Personalities in Business

  • Daryl explains that business workflows around four personalities - the caretaker, the communicator, the coordinator, and the evolutionary hunter
  • The Caretaker: These individuals derive satisfaction from catering to the needs of others
  • The Communicator: They have an inclination towards deliberate discourse with a targeted outcome
  • The Coordinator: Their effectiveness emerges on committees, orchestrating coordinated operations
  • The Evolutionary Hunter: Assertive and visionary, these are the leaders driving the business forward
  • Quotable: "Entrepreneurs don't like small talk; they converse with an outcome in mind."  Alex Charfen

Alex Charfen: The Power of Never Selling a Business

  • Alex favors business expansion over selling, advising his clients to make it as big as they reasonably can
  • He espouses consistent growth, building the business into an eight-figure, then a nine-figure entity
  • Quotable: "Every one of my clients has an ironclad exit strategy. However, my advice to all of them is don't sell a freaking thing." Alex Charfen

From Transactional Management to Transformational Leadership

  • Moving from an eight-figure to a nine-figure business involves transitioning from transactional management to transformational leadership
  • Communication remains the key distinguishing factor between the two phases
  • Alex believes an effective world-changing organization starts with transformational leadership from the beginning
  • Quotable: "The only way you grow a world-changing organization is to start doing that from the beginning." Alex Charfen

Who is Alex Charfen?

He is an entrepreneur, author and speaker. And, he is a coach who has spent decades assisting business owners. 

He is into creating systems to reach momentum. And creating tools to help the business grow and to create lasting growth. The systems that he created helps the business more systematic.

He is the co-founder and CEO of Charfen. 

He became a 500 Fortune consultant in his twenties. And works with people who are successful. 

He was able to uncover the business owners' dilemma. He is passionate and effective in doing business coaching and training. And he believes that entrepreneurs create the future. 

You will know how important it is to have business coaching and training. To dig deeper into the business matters that will need the most attention. An entrepreneur should give more time to the big things. There are people who will do specific tasks in a company. There's a delegation of tasks so that everyone can perform at their best.

Some don't prioritize business coaching and training. They don’t see the value that it brings into the business. Mentors would be helpful in knowing things that need enhancement for the business. To scale and to provide more value to the clients. They were able to grow their own business earning a 6-figures income or more. That means they go through the process of being an entrepreneur. 

Business coaching and training build actionable plans to flourish the business.

To serve the world better, solve people's problems with good intentions. This is one of the business purposes. Be in the mission of making people's lives better. 

Growing a business is just like growing yourself. Alex mentioned that it is important to take care of your physical health. Life has four aspects: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. These four are link if one of these suffers, then the other aspects won’t perform well. 

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