Scaling Beyond 10 Million: Tools to Transform Business Chaos into Clarity with Brett Gilliland

In this enlightening discussion, we have the pleasure of conversing with Brett Gilliland, the thought leader behind Elite Entrepreneurs.

Brett Gilliland is renowned for elevating business owners and turning their lofty visions into reality. Having devoted his career to strategizing the growth of small and medium- sized businesses, his insights are goldmines waiting to be explored.

If you have hatched a business and have aspirations of scaling it beyond the $10 million threshold, Brett is the person to listen to. His expertise extends to facilitating smooth transitions from being founders to leaders. Remember, your business will flourish only if its leader blossoms.

Here are the reasons why you should listen to the full interview:

  • Understand the importance of setting a vision, building a team, and resource procurement.
  • Discover the eight critical success elements for businesses identified through extensive research.
  • Learn how to transform chaos into clarity, and how leadership is more than just charisma.


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Interview Highlights

Brett Gilliland: Role-Switching Concept for Leaders

  • Transitioning from a founder-entrepreneur to a leader involves three vital steps: setting the vision, building the right team, and securing the necessary resources. 

"Setting the vision, building the team and procuring resources are the key aspects of transitioning from being a founder-entrepreneur."

Brett Gilliland Key Factors for Business Success

  • Brett's research reveals eight significant factors for business success that include money management, low capital investment, lean operations, debt-free stance, hefty R&D investment, top-quality products, services and asset accumulation along with steady sales growth.

"One of the pivotal factors for business success was money management, a lean approach and heavy investment in research and development."

Converting Chaos into Clarity

  • In business, chaos is inevitable, but converting that chaos into clarity and confidence is the job of a great leader.

"Our job as leaders is to convert chaos and confusion into clarity and confidence. The best businesses will be built by really great leaders."

Unlocking the Power of Leadership and Culture

  • Leadership isn't merely about charisma. It involves self-awareness, effective communication and cooperation, emotional intelligence skills, and adaptability.
  • Culture is about the shared identity of purpose and values.

"It's not just about charisma, it's about unlocking the power of purpose to really fuel meaning with your people. Culture starts in that shared identity of purpose and values."

Resources for Struggling Seven-Figure Business Owners

  • For seven-figure business owners who are struggling to make the transition, Elite Entrepreneurs offers an abundance of resources on their website.

"We absolutely love to help elite entrepreneurs. Always choose the elite option."

About Brett Gilliland

As one of the founding Visionaries, I work on creating and executing the vision for the company, which is to provide world-class service to clients and grow to be the most prestigious wealth management firm in the markets we serve. Our team and I worked hard on establishing the core values and culture within the company, which creates a positive, energetic environment for our clients, Visionaries and staff..

I became a Financial Representative at 23 years old at another financial firm, where I worked for 13 years, the last seven as a Managing Director. I felt my clients needed independent advice, and I knew I could serve them better if I had the flexibility to offer unlimited investment options. I founded Visionary Wealth Advisors with Tim Hammett to provide the best possible services and unlimited opportunity for our clients. I see that there is greatness in the lives of every person, and it’s the job of a Visionary to help them see it and become inspired by their own vision for their future.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Eastern Illinois University and have lived in the O’Fallon, Illinois area for 12 years. My wife Julie and I founded Swing Fore Hope, a charity that funds cancer research and provides financial assistance to cancer patients.

We have four boys. We love to travel and live life to the fullest. We are actively involved at Holy Trinity Catholic Church/School and fundraising for Swing Fore Hope

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