Transcending Self Doubt and Embracing Bolder Moves: Unleashing Authentic Leadership and Achieving Business Excellence with Colleen Slaughter

In today's enlightening discussion, our distinguished guest is Colleen Slaughter, a celebrated executive coach and partner at Authentic Leadership International. With over two decades worth of experience in leadership transformation.

Colleen Slaughter is a force to be reckoned with in areas such as change management, resilience, and emotional intelligence. This interview probes into critical aspects of leadership like excellence and culture. It invites us to peek into the strategies of staying afloat in the business world by focusing on service. It is a must-listen for individuals at all levels of business, eager to attune their leadership skills, and for anyone desiring to make a positive impact in their work environment. 

Here are the reasons why you should listen to the full interview

  • Discover Colleen Slaughter's unique insights on attaining excellence and fostering a pro-growth culture in leadership roles
  • Learn how to enhance your business longevity by prioritizing service and creating meaningful relationships with everyone involved
  • Understand the importance of emotional resilience, navigating fear, and stepping out of your comfort zone for personal and professional growth 


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The Secret to Business Longevity with Colleen Slaughter

  • Colleen elaborates on the foundation of successful businesses: service
  • She emphasizes nurturing relationships with customers, staff, and vendors
  • Colleen highlights the importance of finding greater meaning in one's work

"Business is all about service. The only way to survive in business long term is to love on everyone, to really take care of your customers, your staff, your vendors."

The Role of Trauma in Coaching

  • Sally Kohn and Colleen discuss how our wounds shape our coaching techniques
  • They ponder why discussing trauma is often avoided, despite its potential to enlighten individuals

"We coach from our wounds. There are a lot of people who've been through trauma, dysfunction. Why is this such a secret? Why are we not talking about this?"- Colleen Slaughter

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

  • Colleen individually describes the benefits of pushing oneself just outside their comfort zone
  • The concept of Boulder Moves is introduced to encourage individuals to strive for growth through discomfort

"You could practice stepping out of your comfort zone, lightly out of it, into the learning for some weeks. It might not seem very bold to you, but it will be bold to others."

The Intersection of Fear and Growth

  • Colleen Slaughter further explores Boulder Moves, tying it to the idea that growth lies on the other side of fear
  • She advises individuals to follow their resistance and confront their fears as a means to acquire growth

"There are some readings about follow the resistance, follow the fear. That's where your greatest growth is and not the healthy fear. Everything you want is on the other side of fear."

For more in-depth information, tune into the full interview and gain unmatched wisdom from a leadership transformation expert.

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