Mastering Enterprise Sales & Employee Development: Principles To Thrive in the Corporate Jungle with Mukesh Gupta

In this riveting episode, Daryl Urbanski hosts Mukesh Gupta, SAP's Vice President of Customer Advocacy, acclaimed author of the books - 'Your Startup Mentor,' 'Thrive,' and 'Being Happy.' Mukesh, revered for his business acumen, journey in entrepreneurship, and strategic insight delivers pearls of wisdom that could potentially revolutionize your approach to business, especially sales.

 This session holds immense relevance for anyone embarking on an entrepreneurial journey or involved in core business functions, as it decodes the nuances of various roles within an organization. A listen to this interview is a substantial step towards better understanding of business processes, enhancing strategic management skills, and ultimately paving the path to success.

Here are the reasons why you should listen to the full interview:

  1. Discover Mukesh's unique SIMLE sales acronym, an insight-packed toolkit for success in sales.
  2. Learn how to adeptly navigate enterprise level sales by understanding the dynamic 'customer-side involvement-duration to close-deal' correlation.
  3. Understand the essence of being a 'multirole' professional and why it is crucial in today's business landscape.

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Interview Highlights:

Unpacking the SIMLE Sales Model of Mukesh Gupta

  • An acronym for Surprise, Inspire, Motivate, Lead, Execute, SIMLE forms the central theme of Mukesh's sales strategy.
  • He urges to surprise customers with an ‘insight’, inspire them with a vision, and motivate them to act beyond the status quo.
  • His methodology empowers the customers with the right resources and support, ensuring solid execution post a closed deal.

"SIMLE is about creating a roadmap to success for my customers."-Mukesh Gupta

Understanding the Customer-side Involvement in Sales:

  • Mukesh further explains that the higher the number of people involved from the customer's side, the longer the duration it takes to close the deal.
  • He suggests that enterprise level sales are slower than the typical direct to consumer sales.

"My thumb rule is, the number of people from the customer side involved predicts the number of months it will typically take to close the deal."

The Power of Multitasking and Breaking the Rules:

  • According to Mukesh, the skill of multitasking or multi-roles becomes crucial as an organization grows.
  • Understanding when to apply rules and when to break them is part of the game and knowing the difference can be a game-changer.

"Being open and flexible to taking on multiple roles is super important. Knowing when to break the rules and when to do what is super critical."

Referencing the podcast, there are many more golden nuggets of wisdom shared by Mukesh Gupta. Listen to the full interview to completely delve into his profound insights and practical strategies.

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