Mastering E-Commerce: Overcoming Branding Blind Spots with Data-Driven Decisions with Justin Chen

Our latest guest, Justin Chen, is no stranger to the world of technology and entrepreneurship. With well over 17 years of experience as a data-based decision-maker, Justin has leveraged the power of information to build successful ventures. 

One such enterprise is Pickfu, where he harnessed real-time, actionable consumer feedback to help businesses reach new heights. This discussion will focus on e-commerce, bootstrapping, and market research. So why should you listen? Because Justin is a thought leader with insights that transform ideas into realities. Whether you're an entrepreneur seeking inspiration, or a business professional looking to glean wisdom from market leaders, this interview is designed to equip you with actionable steps that can help your enterprise flourish.

Here are the reasons why you should listen to the full interview

  • Learn how to use real-time actionable consumer feedback to maximize your business potential.
  • Discover how to leverage the power of e-commerce and effective decision making in enhancing business operations.
  • Understand the challenges and triumphs of bootstrapping, and glean practical insights on how to grow a team and product rapidly. 

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Justin Chen Journey with Menuism and Pickfu

  • Details of the founding of both Menuism and Pickfu.
  • Challenges faced in keeping the businesses self-funded while growing the team.

"It's always a squiggly route, for sure. Still self-funded, but trying to grow the team and the product as quickly as possible."

The Power of E-commerce

  • The importance of optimizing the main image for e-commerce businesses
  • The value of written feedback from potential audiences.

"The most actionable insight is actually in the written feedback."

Leveraging Market Research

  • The use of market research panels similar to industry giants like Procter and Gamble.
  • How Pickfu built its programmatic layer of targeting and data quality.

"We've built our own programmatic layer of targeting and data quality on top of it."

Understanding the importance of Imagery in Branding and Marketing

  • Discusses the importance of your branding resonating with your target audience.
  • The significance of getting the right attention towards your brand image.

"Images are important because you got to get attention."

Habits for Success

  • The importance of talking to your customers and being data-driven.
  • How to interact with customers on their platform.

"Just talking to our customers and being data-driven about it."

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