Excellence In Action: Conquering The Challenges of Premium Marketing Operations with Dr Manida Xongmixay Lau

Immerse yourself into the riveting world of premium marketing operations with Dr Manida Xongmixay Lau, a well-respected figure in the ecosphere of business solutions. The Vice President at Tiger Resort Leisure and Entertainment Inc., her astuteness, passion and commitment to excellence make her an inspirational figure in the industry..

This enlightening interview paints an intriguing, rarely seen picture of the behind-the-scenes operations of large integrated resorts and casinos. Relevant to marketing enthusiasts, resort management aspirants and casual listeners alike, this conversation guarantees a wealth of untapped knowledge and insider insights, enriching your understanding of the hospitality industry's nuances

Here are the reasons why you should listen to the full interview

  • Discover the intricacies of managing VIP clientele in high-profile resorts and casinos.
  • Learn how to foster decisive relationships and understand the importance of cultural training in hospitality
  • Understand the integral role of hosts and how they shape the experience of guests.


Interview Highlights 

Dr. Manida Xongmixay Lau: Breaking down Premium Marketing Operations

  • Premium marketing operations refer to managing crucial on-floor customer interactions in establishments like casinos.
  • The operations team handles VIP clientele, a task that requires exceptional relationship-building skills.

Dr Manida Xongmixay Lau says, "The best marketing dollars you could probably send would be a bottle of their favorite drink on their birthday."

Navigating Demands and Expectations of VIP clients

  • The demands and expectations of VIP guests are unique and often beyond common anticipation.
  • Staff must ensure that one guest's experience does not infringe on another's.

On the challenges faced, Dr Manida Xongmixay Lau remarks, "You can't have one guest infringing on the experience of another guest."

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The Role of Hosts in Hospitality

  • Not everyone is cut out to be a great host; it requires being an outgoing person.
  • Cultural training is integral to the roles of the hosts.

Speaking on the significance of the role, Dr Manida Xongmixay Lau observes, "What we have training for them is the cultural training.”

These snippets shed light on the ins and outs of premium marketing operations, but to get the full insights and details, make sure to listen to the full interview!

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