Master Hybrid Cloud Technologies and Simplify Your Pitch for Success in the Tech-Driven Future with Matthew Hardman

In the bustling era of modern technology comes a thrilling interview with Matthew Hardman, the Vice President of Technical Sales at Hitachi. Matthew Hardman, a predominant figure in the Asia Pacific region, brings forth valuable insights on how businesses can leverage hybrid cloud technologies to innovate and create new opportunities.

With a robust and varied career, Matthew unfolds the intriguing aspect of enhancing sustainability in all sectors, be it environmental, social, or economic.
This interview is a must-listen for entrepreneurs, budding businesses, and individuals who aim to stay ahead of the technical curve. As listeners, you will gain profound insights and practical strategies crucial in navigating your own business's tech landscape.

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Here are the reasons why you should listen to the full interview:

  • Understand how to critically focus on sustainability efforts across different verticals.
  • Discover the tactics of effectively utilizing your professional network to enhance your visibility and voice.
  • Learn how storytelling can make your pitches more engaging and memorable.


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Interview Highlights

Matthew Hardman: Navigating the Spheres of Sustainability

  • Sustainability is more than just environmental responsibility; it's a multilayered strategy that encompasses economic and social aspects. 
  • Businesses, particularly SMEs, need a balanced approach to handle different sustainability aspects without compromising one for another.

"If you're really saying that we are delivering on sustainability, you've got to look at all these different angles."

Capturing Attention: Building Credibility and Visibility

  • The challenge lies not within the pitch itself but procuring the opportunity to pitch. 
  • Enhancing your professional profile and effectively leveraging your network can help increase your visibility.

"Making sure your visibility in your profile is super important."

Power of Storytelling in Pitching

  • Crafting your pitch into a compelling story can significantly influence your audience, resonating with their emotions. 
  • Despite the urge to dazzle the audience, focusing on the core basics and involving the audience is crucial for a successful pitch.

"The one thing that I keep coming back to is that you very intentionally have to go with stories."

Matthew Hardman: The Future Technologically Advanced and Driven

  • The future leans towards technology, marking a significant need for businesses to adapt and evolve. 
  • Tech advancements help in optimizing operations and creating new opportunities for businesses.

"The future is tech-friendly, that's for sure."