Winning Global Human Capital Challenges: Orchestrating Global Teams and Shaping Multinationals For Enhanced Employee Experiences with Iwan De Leeuw

In this deeply insightful interview, we introduce Iwan De Leeuw, a veteran human resources (HR) expert with over 15 years of experience in molding global multinational corporations. Currently serving as Toll Group's Executive Vice President of People Operations, Iwan De Leeuw focuses on developing strategies to enhance employee experiences.

With his rich career journey, including noteworthy stints at General Electric and winning over the complexities of cultural melting pots like the USA, Iwan will unravel the intricate facets of human capital challenges. Regardless of the industry or profession, understanding the nuances of human resources and international relations is paramount, and who better to guide us than Iwan De Leeuw himself? You will definitely be better off after listening to this interview as you gather tips on navigating business cultures, understanding international teams, and leveraging cultural awareness.

Here are the reasons why you should listen to the full interview

  1. Discover how cultural sensitivity and understanding can significantly impact your business in different geographies.
  2. Understand the criticality of striking the balance between global and local strategies when managing international teams.
  3. Learn how to adapt and overcome in new cultural environments from Iwan's rich practical experiences.


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Interview Highlights

Iwan De Leeuw: Cultural Differences and Their Impact on Business

  • Realized the significance of cultural differences while living in Vietnam
  • Difficulty replicating a favored work culture
  • Importance of handling business cards with respect in some cultures
  • Dressed appropriately for business engagements in Singapore

"The best way to go is to be culturally aware and never go wrong."

Managing International Teams

  • Balancing act between a global viewpoint and local actions
  • The biggest mistake is not considering cultural context in business decisions

"Think global, act local."

Overcoming Challenges in Cross-Cultural Transitions

  • Struggled most when he moved to the US despite having experience in Vietnam
  • Suggested to be proactive in understanding and appreciating multiple cultures

"Once you get certain cultures you like, it's very difficult to replicate and find that again."

Contacting Iwan De Leeuw

  • Preferred method of contact is LinkedIn
  • Invitation to reference the interview in initial contact
  • Open to sharing knowledge with interested individuals

"Look me up on LinkedIn, send me a chat, and they just reference like, hey, I saw you with Daryl, and want to spend some time or pick your brain for me."

Please listen to the full interview for additional insights and details on the conversation points.

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