Balancing Corporate burnout with Holistic Healing with Nicole Mixdorf

In today's interview, we have the inspiring Nicole Mixdorf with us. She is a healthcare industry icon, celebrated as a Top 100 healthcare leader and as one of the most influential women in corporate wellness services. Nicole is not just the Chief Wholeness Officer of Balance by Nature, but an internationally acclaimed author with a powerful narrative of overcoming adversity to establish a successful corporate wellness company..

This interview holds value for those struggling with burnout, overwork, and stress - it is for everyone chasing 'the good life' without compromising on their wellbeing. Nicole Mixdorf experience and empathetic advice are resources that can help listeners reconsider their approach to work, wellness, and purpose

 Reason to listen to her interview

  • Learn how to recognize and address chronic stress and its impact on your life.
  • Discover the journey from corporate success to hitting rock bottom, and rising from there to launch a pioneering corporate wellness company.
  • Understand the challenges of starting your own business and pragmatic advice on navigating these challenges.


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Interview Highlights

Discovering the Impact of Stress

  • The corrosive effects of worry highlighted by Jim Rohn.
  • The manifestation of her stress through digestive issues.
  • The prevalence of stress across the corporate landscape.
  • Listen to the full interview to understand more nuances of stress and its potential impact.

"Stress started manifesting for me in the digestion." -Nicole Mixdorf

Leaving Corporate for Wellness -Nicole Mixdorf

  • The inspiration behind the decision to establish a corporate wellness company.
  • The immediate success of her venture.
  • Listen to the full interview to get more insights on her transition from a corporate career to entrepreneurship.

"That inspired me to leave my corporate career behind and start a corporate wellness company. It was an instant success." -Nicole Mixdorf

Lessons for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

  • The importance of having a concrete plan before leaving a corporate job.
  • The terror of leaving a lucrative job despite being unfulfilled.
  • The importance of seizing opportunities before they disappear.

"If there's something you want to do now, don't wait. opportunities won't last forever."

Business Evolution and Regrets

  • The evolution of her corporate wellness services.
  • The regret of not having the courage to live a life true to self sooner.
  • Listen to the full interview for an in-depth look at her reflections on her business journey.

"I wish I had the courage to live a life true to myself." -Nicole Mixdorf

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