Secret to Increased Productivity: Transform Your HR & Training Strategies for Success with Bita Sigari
Bita Sigari, the Vice President for Human Resources management and development at Makati Medical Center, has over two decades of experience in talent strategy and business leadership. Her focus is on growing people to grow businesses, emphasizing the importance of mental health in healthcare settings. Her insights can transform approaches to talent strategy and organizational growth, making her a valuable resource for those seeking to enhance their knowledge in human resource development.

Here are 3 reasons why you should listen to the full interview:

  • ‘Learn how to’ efficiently manage a variety of roles in a hospital setting.
  • ‘Discover the’ best strategies for staff development and mental well-being.
  • ‘Understand the’ effectiveness of slow hiring and its role in preventing rash decisions.


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Interview Highlights

Bita Sigari: Developing Staff Skills and Behaviors

  • Bita emphasizes the role of the HR team in developing both soft and technical skills.
  • Collaboration with different training groups is crucial for effective planning.
  • The importance of mental health is stressed, tied in with overall personal development.

"We also focus on mental health, it's very important."

Bita Sigari: Measuring Training Programs' Effectiveness

  • Promotion within the team is essential and not just to fill in a gap.
  • Bita explains the need to provide alternatives to staff instead of outright refusal.
  • Balancing employee welfare with organizational welfare is a key takeaway.

"Instead of saying no, provide options for them to do their role."

Bita Sigari: The Impact of Slow Hiring and Automation

  • Slow hiring helps prevent impulsive or narrowly focused decisions.
  • Through the use of automation, Bita was able to reduce the need for extra staff.
  • A practical illustration is provided of how automation reduced the staff required in a partner's business.

"With me and two coders, we basically set up automated systems that reduce the need for three staff."

Listen to the full interview for deep insights and responses to all the discussed matters.