Master the Game of Business Converting Prospects into Sales and Negotiation Excellence with Japer Yeo

Japer Yeo, a respected name in the realm of business and digital marketing. Recognized to be within Innovate's 40 under 40 in 2022, Japer is a dynamic maven with profound expertise spanning digital marketing, event planning and business development.
The importance of his insights stems from his vast experiences and his strategic approach to business - qualities that set him apart in the industry. This interview is geared towards those curious about business strategy, digital marketing, and the future trends in these sectors.
Japer Yeo in this interview will not only provide you with actionable insights from a seasoned professional but also help you understand and navigate the digital world better.

Here are the reasons why you should listen to the full interview:

  • Learn how to efficiently plan and structure your work to attain optimal results. 
  • Discover the power of knowing when to walk away from a negotiation, and the benefit of quality work over quantity.
  • Understand the potential future trends in automation and AI, and how to prepare yourself for them.

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Interview Highlights:

The Importance of Having Your Audience Ready for Sales Japer Yeo

  • Not everything churns into sales immediately, but it's crucial to keep potential customers primed. 
  • Employing techniques such as newsletters and bottom-of-the-funnel content are effective. 
  • A simple tactic such as asking "would you or anyone you know be interested in X?" can be impactful.

"Not everything is going to turn to sales, but you have to make sure that people buy when they're ready to buy." - Japer Yeo

The Power of Scheduling and Overcommitting Japer Yeo 

  • Maintaining a schedule and strictly adhering to it is mission-critical. 
  • Overcommitment can be beneficial if handled to the limit where you can still deliver. 
  • Doing less but doing it better and as agreed upon holds immense value.

"Overcommitting is about over committing to the limit where you are still able to deliver it." - Japer Yeo

Predicting and Preparing for Future Trends 

  • Acknowledging the rising role of AI and robotics 
  • The day where AI can replace jobs, a scenario akin to the movie "Terminator," needs preparation. 
  • A watchful eye on trends and adaptation is key for future readiness. 

"The day where robots, machines using AI can actually replace your jobs is the day where Terminator is going to come true." -Japer Yeo

Engaging Japer Yeo: A Glimpse into Aspiring Entrepreneur Tips and Connectivity

  • Japer Yeo leaves tidbits of wisdom for aspiring entrepreneurs. 
  • Folks seeking to engage or get in touch with Japer can best reach him through LinkedIn. 

"LinkedIn would definitely be the best." - Japer Yeo

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