Seizing Success in Branding: Navigating Future Challenges with Insight with Johnathan "BIG JOHN" Francis
Johnathan 'Big John' Francis and Daryl Urbanski shared insights on navigating the ever-changing business landscape. Big John emphasized taking risks, learning from mistakes, and adapting, while Daryl stressed the need for continuous learning, staying up-to-date with tools and technologies, and understanding a business's unique needs. They also discussed entrepreneurship, personal growth, and marketing strategies, including content creation, personal branding, and trust-building. Both speakers emphasized the importance of practical skills and knowledge, as well as embracing unconventional thinking and common sense.

Here are the reasons why you should listen to the full interview of Johnathan

  • Launch a book by mid-March to establish Shock as a content powerhouse.
  • Produce consistent content like TikTok videos, comedy sketches, and focus on becoming an authority in the space.
  • Consider turning down clients who have not properly planned marketing budgets or fail to understand fundamentals of their business.


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Johnathan Interview Highlights

Entrepreneurship, challenges, and passion with a visionary founder

  • Johnathan passion for storytelling and brand revitalization led him to found shock, a creative consulting firm that helps brands stand out in today's competitive landscape.
  • Johnathan "BIG JOHN" Francis felt stuck in his previous company and wanted to break out on his own.
  • He learned best by figuring things out himself, even if it meant making mistakes.

Entrepreneurship, passion, and managing workload

  • Daryl Urbanski discusses personal development journey as an entrepreneur, emphasizing the importance of financial preparation and management.
  • Johnathan "BIG JOHN" Francis shares his experience of leaving a comfortable job to pursue his own business ventures, highlighting the challenges and benefits of being an entrepreneur.
  • Johnathan "BIG JOHN" Francis emphasizes the importance of passion and undying drive for success as a founder.
  • He advises founders to prioritize completing important tasks first, despite mental fatigue or distractions.

Marketing and branding in the current market

  • Johnathan "BIG JOHN" Francis emphasizes content quality and marketing efforts for business success.

  • Content powerhouse is key to getting any message across, even with a great product.

  • Personal branding is crucial for engagement and success, with image playing a significant role.

  • Daryl Urbanski and Johnathan “BIG JOHN” Francis discuss the importance of creating a strong brand persona before selling a product or service.

  • They agree that having a well-known persona can help build trust and credibility with potential customers in Malaysia and Singapore.

Building trust and confidence in products through personal branding and excellent product quality

  • Daryl Urbanski emphasizes the importance of personal relationships in business, citing Elon Musk's large following as an example.

  • Johnathan "BIG JOHN" Francis agrees, but notes that many founders in Singapore and Malaysia are too shy to be in front of the camera, and suggests appointing someone who can represent the brand.

  • Johnathan "BIG JOHN" Francis: Encourages business owners to have confidence in their own brand and products.

  • Daryl Urbanski: Focuses on solving specific problems and being excellent in the market.

Focusing on one thing well to succeed in business

  • Daryl Urbanski and Johnathan “BIG JOHN” Francis discuss the importance of product positioning and marketing in the tech industry.

  • They agree that companies struggle to bridge the gap between a product's initial success and widespread adoption, often due to poor positioning or inferior products.

  • Focus on doing one thing well to stand out in a crowded market.

Brand storytelling and marketing budget importance

  • Daryl Urbanski and Johnathan "BIG JOHN" Francis discuss the importance of a strong brand story, with a focus on authenticity and inspiration.

  • BIG JOHN emphasizes the need for a good product and careful marketing, rather than relying on fabricated origin stories.

  • Johnathan "BIG JOHN" Francis highlights common mistakes made by companies, including not factoring in marketing budgets when developing products.

  • He emphasizes the importance of marketing for successful product launches and values his time and team's time.

The importance of learning and adapting in business

  • Daryl Urbanski and Johnathan "BIG JOHN" Francis discuss the importance of minimum viable products and user feedback in entrepreneurship.

  • Johnathan "BIG JOHN" Francis emphasizes the importance of continuous learning for personal and professional growth.

  • Daryl Urbanski highlights the value of hiring assistants to help with academic research and business success.

Entrepreneurship, self-efficacy, and business success

  • Daryl Urbanski identifies three pillars of self-efficacy for small business success.

  • Daryl Urbanski emphasizes the importance of understanding a business to provide valuable insights and serve customers better.

  • Johnathan "BIG JOHN" Francis agrees and highlights the need to go beyond surface-level analysis to truly understand a business's strengths and weaknesses.

  • Johnathan "BIG JOHN" Francis emphasizes the importance of going back to basics in marketing, despite the hype around new tools and trends.

  • He suggests looking at past trends to gain insights for the future, rather than solely relying on current trends and tools.

The importance of staying grounded and realistic in the tech industry, with a focus on AI and virtual reality

  • Daryl Urbanski discusses the history of his industry and how it rhymes rather than repeats itself.

  • Johnathan "BIG JOHN" Francis expresses skepticism towards a new cryptocurrency project and questions its legitimacy.

  • Daryl Urbanski and Johnathan “BIG JOHN” Francis discuss the importance of reality vs. virtual reality in business and life.

  • They emphasize the need for authenticity and individuality in a world where everyone can sound and look the same.

  • Daryl Urbanski and Johnathan "Big John" Francis discuss the importance of embracing madness and taking action to achieve success.

  • Big John shares a quote from Salvador Dali: "Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings."

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