Surviving The Data Privacy Minefield: Protect your Business and Personal Information with Maria Cecilia Soria Harder

In this dynamic interview, we are graced by the presence of an esteemed guest, Maria Cecilia Soria Harder, a trailblazer in the world of data privacy law and compliance. She leads the regulatory and case management unit of PLDT Inc's privacy office with aplomb.

This discussion is a deep dive into pressing topics including 'privacy by design', compliance landscapes, and the role of punitive action in data privacy implementation. We open the door to this discussion for anyone eager to gain a fuller understanding of these vital points within their professional domains or personal digital life. By digesting Maria Cecilia Soria Harder insights, you guarantee your steps towards a safer digital existence and heightened awareness about data privacy laws on the horizon.

Here are the reasons why you should listen to the full interview:

  • Learn how to understand the importance of data privacy from a company's viewpoint.
  • Discover what 'privacy by design' means and the extent of its influence in today's digital landscape.
  • Understand the protocol for companies processing data and the repercussions of non-compliance. - Maria Cecilia Soria Harder


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Interview Highlights:

Unfolding Data Privacy Challenges with Maria Cecilia Soria Harder

  • Data privacy implementation is posed as a critical challenge for companies.
  • The National Privacy Commission is amplifying operations towards punitive action.
  • The importance of data privacy now holds a prominent place in all company protocols.

The Future of Data Privacy:

  • Data privacy laws are now being enacted worldwide.
  • The future of data privacy in the next 5-10 years looks more stringent with more checks and regulations.
  • Data privacy risk includes nefarious usage of data, as demonstrated by the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

The Imperative of Protecting Individual Data -Maria Cecilia Soria Harder

  • It's advisable not to casually share personal data and to actively inquire about data usage.
  • Filipinos, as per law, have the right to access personal data held by companies.
  • The right to be forgotten is a crucial part of data privacy rights.

Leveraging Resources for Data Privacy Awareness:

  • Gaining awareness through resources like the National Privacy Commission website.
  • Be cognizant of online materials produced about privacy.

Stay informed to protect against misuse of data. "Don't give away information that can be potentially used against you, whether for good or evil" – Maria Cecilia Soria Harder.

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