Unlocking The Power of Licensing: Overcoming Common Mistakes and Unleashing Market Potential with Ben Peace

Ben Peace, with his extensive background in retail marketing and business development, and now the Vice President of APAC at Wild Brain CPLG, graces us with his presence in this enlightening interview. In this conversation, we dig into Ben’s experience, knowledge, and insights, making this interview a must-listen for entrepreneurs, marketers, and business leaders.

Ben Peace will explore the realm of marketing and licensing opportunities, the significant importance of a solid legal framework in partnerships, and how to protect Intellectual Property (IP) rights. As a listener, you will be better equipped to navigate your own journey with understanding cost-benefit analysis for licensing, the long-term nature of the licensing game, and how to ensure your marketing strategy revolves around corporate social responsibility.

Here are the reasons why you should listen to the full interview

  1. Learn how to effectively perform a cost-benefit analysis to determine the value of licensing opportunities.
  2. Discover insights into the importance of a strong legal framework for resilient, trustworthy partnerships.
  3. Understand the long-term perspective needed for licensing, and the key methods to protect IP rights.

Interview Highlights

Ben Peace Licensing Opportunities and Cost-Benefit Analysis

  • Ben Peace highlights that even existing methods can be licensed out, creating unique business opportunities.
  • It is vital to determine the cost-benefit analysis to ascertain the potential value of licensing.
  • To listen to the full analysis and understanding of licensing opportunities, tune into the interview.

Ben Peace: 'No matter what method you have, I believe you can license that out.'

The Role of a Legal Framework

  • Every partnership requires a legal contract that ensures clarity on how the product will look manifested in the market.
  • The importance of ensuring your partners are trustworthy and operate with integrity.
  • Learn more about the importance of a reliable legal framework in the full interview.

Ben Peace: 'A solid legal framework will not only cover how the product is going to appear in the market but also how it will get there.'

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 Understanding the Long-Term Nature of Licensing

  • Licensing should be viewed as a long-term venture, to be played out over two to three years.
  • It is essential to consider every single consumer touchpoint when strategizing for licensing.
  • Ben Peace further discusses the protection of IP in the full interview.

Ben Peace: 'Licensing should be viewed as a long-term game stretching over years.'

Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility in Marketing Strategy

  • People prefer to do business with ethical individuals and mandated corporate social responsibility is beloved.
  • The biggest factor is to ensure that there is a demand in the market.
  • Learn about the role corporate social responsibility plays in marketing strategy by listening to the full interview.

Ben Peace: 'It’s more than just about business, corporate social responsibility is a key pillar in any marketing strategy.'

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