How To Get Your Paid Media To Work With Justin Brooke

Justin Brooke. He is a marketing strategist responsible for millions of dollars of sales. He has pioneered inbound and outbound marketing strategies while consulting for 6, 7, 8, and even 9-figure companies. He explores a variety of tactics and strategies for promoting a business or product through paid channels. These tactics can be used to reach a specific target audience, generate leads, or drive sales.

Let's get started and look at ways to get your paid media to work.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to this episode:

  1. Learn how to reach specific audiences with highly relevant content.
  2. Understand how paid media campaigns can be used to generate leads and conversions.
  3. Discover tips and strategies to build brand awareness and create positive associations with your business.


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Episode Highlights

How Justin Brooke Started in Business

  • Justin came from a family with a business background.
  • He started selling products at a young age.
  • When he interned for a business firm, he committed himself to a business career.
  • Finding an opportunity, Justin converted the knowledge into money.
  • As his commitment grew larger, he started investing in paid ads.
  • He got more people to join his business.

Justin Brooke: Paid Media Strategy Setbacks

  • There are many potential setbacks that a business operating in the paid media space might face.
  • Many users have begun to use ad-blocking software. It can prevent ads from being seen or limit the types of ads that can be shown. This can make it more difficult for a business to reach its target audience and generate revenue from its ads.
  • As users are bombarded with ads in social media platforms, they may become “ad fatigued.” This can make it more difficult for a business to reach its target audience and drive conversions.
  • Platforms like Facebook and Google AdWords that are used by advertisers are subject to algorithm changes. It can make it harder to reach certain audiences and increase the costs to reach them.

Justin Brooke: Getting Paid Ads To Work

  • There are several strategies you can use to make paid ads work for your business. The specific approach you take will depend on your industry and ad spend.
  • Define your target audience in your paid advertising. The more specific you can be about who you’re trying to reach with your ads, the more effective they will be. Consider factors such as demographics, interests, and behaviors when defining your target audience.
  • Different platforms are better suited to different industries and audiences. Digital advertising requires earned media.
  • Different ad formats can be more or less effective depending on the platform and your goals.
  • Running tests with different ads can help you determine which elements of your paid media campaign are effective.

Justin Brooke: Generating Traffic

  • Justin writes as many blog posts as he can to generate traffic.
  • By using keywords relevant to your business, you can increase the chances of your post showing up in search results. This will help drive organic traffic to your website.
  • Share links to your paid media channels and encourage your followers to share the post with their networks. This can help increase visibility and drive more traffic to your website.
  • Respond to comments and questions left on your blog posts and be active on social media. This can help build a community of engaged readers who are more likely to return to your website.

Justin Brooke: Two Powerful Quotes

“In everything in life, there is always the mindset. It is the mindset that sets me apart from the rest of the people. It’s not about the skills. It’s about the rules and systems you create.”

“Humans underestimate what they can do. They greatly underestimate what they can do. It’s the same thing with your ads and marketing. You underestimate what you can do.”

About Justin Brooke

Justin Brooke is an online marketing strategist responsible for tens of millions of dollars in sales. He is the founder of Ad skills. It is a digital training company that provides a variety of current online advertising courses. He aims to improve the resources and education of digital media buyers. He plans to achieve this by developing advanced digital marketing courses.

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