How To Advertise Your Business Online with Justin Brooke

Advertising is a crucial aspect of any business. With the rise of social media, it has become important to advertise your business online. Online advertising allows your business to reach a wider audience.

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Joining us in this episode is Justin Brooke. He is a marketing strategist responsible for millions of sales. He has pioneered inbound and outbound business strategy while consulting for 6, 7, 8, and even 9-figure companies. He explores the various ways you can advertise your business online. He discusses the importance of creating a strong online presence.

Let's get started and look at ways to market your business online.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to this episode:

  1. Learn how to reach a wider audience by advertising your online business.
  2. Learn how to save money on online advertising.
  3. Learn tips and strategies for increasing brand awareness by advertising online.

Episode Highlights

Justin Brooke Exploring The Ad Industry

  • Facebook and Google are the two dominant players in the ad industry.
  • Google weighs in the marketing capital, inventory, and development.
  • A lot of people believe that Facebook is better. Facebook has built its algorithms to favor small advertisers.
  • Google favors big advertisers and online business owners.
  • YouTube and social media platforms advertising are in-demand while native ads are getting stronger.

Justin Brooke How Advertising Online Works

  • According to Justin, online business should start with branded search ads.
  • Branded search ads appear in search results for a brand's specific keywords. These ads can be an important part of a company's strategy. They can drive targeted traffic to the company's website and increase brand awareness.
  • Branded search ads can improve brand recognition by appearing in keywords.
  • By appearing at the top of search results, branded search ads can drive targeted traffic to a company's website.
  • Retargeting and discovery ads can be important tools for online advertisers for a number of reasons.
  • Retargeting ads allow advertisers to show ads to users who have visited their website or taken actions. This can be an effective way to bring users back to the website and convert them into customers.
  • Discovery ads, on the other hand, are designed to help advertisers reach new audiences. This can be useful for businesses that are trying to expand their customer base or increase brand awareness.

Justin Brooke Online Advertising Pitfalls

  • There are several pitfalls to be aware of when it comes to online advertising and online businesses.
  • Justin said in order to acquire all potential traffic to their own website, newbies employ all keywords. This is wrong.
  • Using all possible keywords in online advertising can be a setback. It can lead to overuse of keywords, known as "keyword stuffing," which can result in a penalty from search engines. This can occur when a website uses an excessive number of keywords. It is an attempt to manipulate the website's ranking in search engine results.
  • Using many keywords can make the content on a website difficult to read and can turn off potential customers. It's better to use a targeted and relevant set of keywords rather than trying to stuff many keywords.
  • There are several potential drawbacks to using all of your budget on a massive online advertising campaign. You may not have enough budget left to cover other important expenses or marketing efforts.
  • According to Justin, a massive online advertising campaign may not be the most effective use of your budget. While advertising can be an important marketing strategy, it's not the only tool at your disposal.

Justin Brooke Start Small, End Big

  • Justin suggests that big and small businesses should start small with their online advertising. It is an effective business idea.
  • It allows you to test the waters and see how your target audience responds to your ads. This can give you valuable insights into what works and what doesn't, which can inform future campaigns.
  • It helps you manage your budget the right way. By starting small, you can minimize your financial risk while still learning about what works and what doesn't.

Smart Display Campaigns

  • With Smart Display campaigns, Google will do all the testing for you. After a certain number of conversions, Google becomes your super affiliate. But it’s not advisable to use new products.
  • One benefit of smart display campaigns is that they use data to optimize ad delivery and performance.

Two Powerful Quotes

“Everybody wants it all. They want all the traffic. They want all the customers. They create the most expensive slot machine, only for it not to work.”

“If you want to be competitive, go forward. You can hire a technical marketer. The technical marketer will help you understand data and feedback.”

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