How to Build Unshakeable Trust for Business Transformation with Peter Byebierggaard

This invigorating interview features the insightful Peter Byebierggaard, a global luminary in innovation, management, and design thinking.
As the managing partner at Global Teams, he's consistently transformed businesses across the globe. Known for his groundbreaking work and unique perspective, his thoughts are highly sought after by industry professionals. This conversation is vital for all those striving for excellence in innovation, management, and international business. 

Listening to Peter not only provides practical advice and insights but also helps understand the intricacies of diverse cultures and their influence on businesses. Embrace this opportunity to enhance your global business acumen and possibly, transform your business approach.

Here are the reasons why you should listen to the full interview:

  • Learn how to cultivate trust and navigate the complexities of multicultural environments.
  • Discover the critical role of etiquette in different business cultures, as illustrated with a unique perspective on Japanese business etiquettes.
  • Understand the significance of continuous learning and coaching for international business success.


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Interview Highlights

The Influence of Language on Attitude and Personality

  • Our cultural assumptions are deeply linked to the language we speak
  • Switching languages can feel like embodying a different character or personality
  • Language significantly impacts our expression and communication

"I always feel like I have a different personality whenever I speak a different language."

Building Trust in Multicultural Environments Peter Byebierggaard

  • There are 9-12 different aspects to developing trust, including getting to know individuals and assessing track records
  • It's crucial to identify what's important to you personally

"What is it that for you, you as a person, is important to you?"

Embracing Coaching for International Business Success

  • Encourages newcomers or those struggling in the international arena to seek coaching
  • Highlighting the varying value systems, etiquettes, and processes across cultures

"Get a coach, get a coach."

Understanding Etiquette in Japanese Business Culture

  • Exemplifying Japan's five levels of etiquette
  • Importance of appearance and brand in Japanese business culture
  • Need to consider the impact of our actions on others

"In Japan, they have five levels of etiquette. If you're not wearing a name brand clothing, they won't take you serious." -Peter Byebierggaard

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