How to Communicate Your Value Clearly For More Sales & Better Conversions with Peter Sandeen

Many businesses, especially startups, tend to use a variety of unfocused marketing strategies. As a consequence, they spend so much time and money but don’t get effective results. The key is to focus on giving your target customers enough reasons to buy from you. Value proposition—when you’re able to communicate your value clearly—teaches us precisely this.

In this episode, Peter Sandeen discusses value proposition and how it can help businesses grow. He shares his experiences as a value proposition and marketing expert. He also advises business owners on how they can build an effective marketing strategy. Join us and learn more about the importance of learning how to communicate your value clearly in business success.


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Interview Highlights

Peter Marketing Journey

  • Peter first focus was copywriting.
  • He then decided to go into conversion optimization, which he did for a long time.
  • In the course of his business, he realized that the ability to communicate your value always makes the biggest difference in the results.
  • From then on, he wanted to help businesses have clear and strong value propositions.

Biggest Challenge: The Mental Game

  • For Peter, his biggest challenge was in his head. He struggled over his personal beliefs around success and money.
  • Your beliefs and expectations drive your behaviour. It most commonly determines what your reality will be.
  • The business side transitioned quite smoothly.

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

  • The first step is to notice your limiting belief. It can be challenging because we don’t see it as a limiting belief. Often, we see it as reality.
  • The second step is to argue with it. Make your limiting belief completely ludicrous. Figure out the reasons why you should get rid of it.
  • Come up with an alternative to replace it. Repeat the process until you’ve taken in the new one.

Focus on Enjoying the Ride

  • Peter lives by the quote, “Your goals should be so high that everyone around you thinks you’re a bit insane.”
  • When he sets a goal, he believes he will get there. He will keep working towards it.
  • It doesn’t make sense if you’re only working for the outcome. You should enjoy the ride, not the place where you’re going.
  • Focus on how you’re going to feel when you’re working towards your goal.
  • Consolidate your small goals and feel better about them. Success is a long series of problems and failures.

Advice to Struggling Business Owners

  • Focus. Many businesses fall into either one of the two categories of lack of focus.
  • First is the lack of focus, which leads to trying too many things. This includes the lack of a specific marketing strategy.
  • Second is the lack of focus of what you’re trying to make people believe about you. This includes the lack of understanding of your value propositions.

Value Proposition: How It Works

  • Value proposition is about getting people to want to buy from you. To do this, you have to communicate your value clearly—give them reasons.
  • It focuses on key ideas likely to make people want to buy particular products or services.

The Three Things You Must Know

  • There are three things you should focus on to have a clear and strong value proposition.
  • First, how much do people want the product or services you’re offering? How strong is the desire for that thing?
  • Second, how unique is it? If people can find the same thing from others, it’s not a reason to buy from you.
  • Third, how believable is the idea? If people don’t believe it, they’re not going to buy it.

What’s Next for Peter?

  • Peter is currently finishing a version of his website.
  • He is also planning to launch a new training course. It will focus on helping people come up with the right marketing strategy for their businesses.

Learning Marketing Strategy

  • Learn about value proposition development.
  • Instead of studying it yourself, find someone who can help you with your marketing strategy.
  • Find a way to communicate it as a whole, and not just pieces of individual strategies.

About Peter Sandeen

Peter is a value proposition and marketing message development expert. He helps business owners create a strong value proposition and a targeted marketing message for their businesses. Peter focuses on the fundamentals of effective marketing. His work also includes copywriting and conversion optimization. 

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