Unlocking the Secrets of Successful Grant Writing with Prue Saxby

Prue Saxby, the renowned "Grant Master," who has earned her reputation with her consistent results in securing grants. As the founder and CEO of Indigo Gold and the Grant Writing Academy, Prue's unique processes and strategies have successfully secured over $51.3 million in grants in just six years. The interview provides insight into how to tap potential funding sources, set realistic goals, and position ourselves towards success.
This conversation will be of immense value to anyone seeking external funding for their businesses or non-profit organizations. By tuning in to this interview, you'll gain practical knowledge from an industry expert that can transform your grant application approach.

Here are the reasons why you should listen to the full interview:

  • Learn how to overcome concerns about government grants and strengthen your grant application strategy from Prue's experiences.
  • Understand the fundamental considerations businesses need to take into account when aligning with grants.
  • Discover the power of impactful storytelling from Prue's personal experiences, and how it can influence your grant-writing process. 


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Interview Highlights

Prue Saxby Addressing Concerns about Government Grants

  • Prue addresses the common fear of increased governmental scrutiny associated with receiving grants.
  • One has to decide if they want to be transparent or avoid attention.
  • For conspiracy theorists, her advice is simple, if you're uncomfortable, don't apply.

"You can't have it both ways. You've either got something to hide and you don't want the government to know." - Prue Saxby

Aligning Business Goals with Grant’s Targets

  • The decision to align a business with a grant depends on individual business dynamics.
  • Avoid chasing grants for the sake of it, remain true to your core business goals.

"Don't get too carried away with chasing the shiny object." -Prue Saxby

The Power of Storytelling

  • Prue shares her own story of starting a youth hostel.
  • She underscores the value of a strong narrative in the grant application process.

"There was a story that developed with that." -Prue Saxby

Approaching the Grant Writing Process for Beginners

  • Grants are not handed out for nothing; understanding the requirements is critical.
  • It's all about showing value to the grant issuer.

"You don't get given money for nothing. It's about understanding what's needed." -Prue Saxby

Tailoring the Same Grant for Different Organizations

  • Prue’s advice is to consider how competitive the grant program is before submitting multiple applications.

"It would depend on how competitive that grant program is". -Prue Saxby

Please listen to the full conversation to find out more about Prue's in-depth strategies and recommendations.

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