Building Teams Who Can Get It Done Without Supervision With Rich Johnson

Team building is a process of getting the right people together to work on a project. It is not just about hiring the best people for the job but also about creating an environment where people can succeed. It requires a new set of skills: leadership, empathy and emotional intelligence. These skills are crucial for any manager or team leader to be successful in today’s workplace.

Joining us in this episode is Rich Johnson, a leadership development consultant and CEO and founder of KaizenMindset who helps busy bosses develop planning, accountability, leadership, and management skills, to discuss team building and efficient work systems. Rich also explores how companies could build teams who can get work done without supervision. Team building is an important part of the company culture. The ultimate goal of team building is to create a cohesive and well-functioning team, which will lead to better performance and results.

Now let’s dive in and take a closer look at team building and how employees can work together for efficient work systems.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to this episode:

  1. Learn how to initiate new employees into your company
  1. Discover how to enhance communication skills among employees
  1. Gain insights and strategies to help you develop leadership skills among employees


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Episode Highlights

How Rich Johnson Started in Leadership and Team Building

  • Rich’s father was a manager in a parcel delivery firm when he was growing up while his mother worked in a retail chain after going to an accounting school.
  • He was a shy kid and got bullied in school. But he eventually overcame it and matured over it.
  • After a while, he decided to join the military, go outside his hometown, and see the world for himself.
  • He was drafted and went through the military’s basic training. Because of the environment he was in in the military, he came out of his shell more and more. There he realized he wanted to be a part of a team and be a team player.
  • He added that if you’re not a team player, you won’t survive. Being part of a team is a huge deal because you know you are always covered.

Challenges in Team Building

  • According to Rich, the military basic training is a gradual process. There is a science behind it if you look at it in the psychological way. 
  • Physical training is difficult because it aims to extend your physical capacity to its limit, which is helpful because it trains your discipline, grit, and motivation.
  • One of the challenges he experienced during the military training was relating to senior officers. Because of the age gap between him and his fellow trainees and the officers in rank, he had a difficult time collaborating with them.
  • Another challenge he faced is the misconception that he and the public have about the rigid hierarchy in the military, which could hamper team building and leadership. That is one thing he wants to correct and put a light into to promote public awareness about the military.

How To Create An Effective Business Hierarchy

  • The business hierarchy that Rich designs is skills-based.
  • Some businesses want to expand their roles. So, he steps in to help them with that. He first asks the important questions. What is your strategy? What is the vision you want to realize? What does it look like? What is the leader you want to have? How do you want to build that leader?
  • During the process of creating an effective business hierarchy, he makes sure that strategies are performed correctly.
  • A simple flowchart can be effective in managing work.
  • In creating an effective business hierarchy, systems and processes should be at the forefront.

How To Build Functional Teams and Leaders

  • Building functional teams and leaders begins with a good planning process. 
  • Team members should practice excellent communication skills. They need to ask the right and urgent questions to their employers to know whether they have done their work properly.
  • Functional teams are open to feedback and would love to grab every chance they could at improving their performance.
  • Functional leaders listen to their team.

Two Powerful Quotes

“Be objective as much as possible. Get someone to give you a second opinion. Look at things from another perspective. Then boil down what you want to do in simple terms.”

“As a team player and good leader, you must keep all the people that started the business with you. Keep them all. Give them the right skill sets. Give them confidence.”

About Rich Johnson

Rich Johnson, CEO and founder of KaizenMindset, a company that provides coaching services to help people achieve their goals by focusing on strengths and eliminating weaknesses. In his latest projects, Rich provides business owners with insights on how to build teams that require little to no supervision during work. He brings precision, teamwork, team cross-training, planning & organization skills most companies only wish they had in-house.

Follow Rich Johnson on Instagram or email him at [email protected].

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