Innovative Solutions & Insights on Avoiding Digital Launch Pitfalls and Maximize Success with Sasmito Adibowo

Sasmito Adibowo is undoubtedly one of the seasoned maestros of the tech world, and this interview is a treasure trove for anyone seeking keys to innovation.
Having earned himself an esteemed reputation with eight US patents and an insightful technical book, the depth and breadth of Adibowo's knowledge are indisputably unmatched. The interview pivots around his journey, and the rich insights he has gathered along the way, especially relevant to software artisans, developers, and tech entrepreneurs.
Listen and learn about demand discovery, product building, marketing strategies, and more from a man whose contributions to technology have shaped the course for many.

Here are the reasons why you should listen to the full interview:

  • Learn how to differentiate between the need for an app and a mobile compatible website.
  • Discover the importance of marketing strategies and on-boarding beta users for digital product launch.
  • Understand the feasibility of sharing your business ideas and leveraging its spread memes.


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Interview Highlights 

Distinguishing between App and Website

  • Websites can often cater to services required, an app is needed only for unique functionalities. 
  • Building a mobile compatible website should be the priority.

“Most likely you don't need an app, unless you need to offer services or functionalities that a website cannot provide." -Sasmito Adibowo

The Right Sequence for Digital Product Launch

  • Relevance of marketing and onboarding beta users before public building is crucial.
  • Products do not start with an instant 'bang', it's a gradual process that involves strategic planning and action.

"You should have done the marketing and the onboarding of beta users and then built in public for them." -Sasmito Adibowo

Value of Demand Discovery before Product Build

  • A small pilot test on demand can inform future strategies.
  • If consumers pay for smaller prototype, they'll pay for the advanced version.

"For building product, you probably need to find a demand first. Develop something small and then see if people pay for that."

Sasmito Adibowo: The Power of Spreading Business Ideas

  • Don’t worry about your business idea being stolen, instead, focus on its reach and effect.
  • Increased idea exchange leads to a more informed and improved product creation.

"You should be sharing your business idea as much as possible. Don't kill yourself by not letting your idea spread memes."

Listen to the full interview for more pearls of wisdom from tech maestro Sasmito Adibowo.

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