Personal Business Coach: How To Use Simulations, Games & Training To Program Your Brain For Business Success – With Simcha Gluck

Welcome to our latest episode where we have an enlightening conversation with Simcha Gluck. Simcha is a renowned speaker and entrepreneur who is actively shaping how businesses operate in the new shared economy. His vast experience and unique perspective make him a voice worth listening to. This interview is about moving beyond just our own resources and breaking into the potentials of the shared economy, the internet, and utilizing human resources better. It is a must-listen for young entrepreneurs, seasoned business owners, and even enthusiasts of the trading industry who wish to stay ahead of the curve. This conversation will leave you with profound insights into how to successfully scale your business and win, regardless of the obstacles you encounter.

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Here are the reasons why you should listen to the full interview

  • Learn how to transition your business into the shared economy and leverage internet connectivity to your advantage.

  • Discover Simcha's unique strategies for getting the most out of your resources, and those of others, to exceed your potential.

  • Understand the current trajectory of the training industry and how you can stay ahead by making it more engaging and experience-based particularly for millennials.

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Interview Highlights

The Shared Economy and Utilizing Human Resources Simcha Gluck

  • The concept of access being superior to ownership is introduced, explaining how this shift can extend our potential.
  • Accessing resources through the internet and why connectivity is crucial in this new economy, overcoming financial limitations.
  • Simcha underlines the importance of engagement and having engaging experiences for millennials in the training industry.
  • Verbatim Quote: "With the Internet, you can just connect to people. You can download from our brains right here. Access trumps ownership."

The Role of Health and Wellness in Business Success Simcha Gluck

  • Simcha explains how health and wellness play into their business strategy and effectiveness.
  • Simcha shares about "the game of Fresh Biz" and its benefits, providing a unique view on ways of winning in business.
  • Verbatim Quote:
  • "We're definitely into the world of health and wellness, so we really try we do a bunch of traveling and training in many different countries. Playing the game of Fresh Biz has been the perfect simulation for us."

The Rapidly Evolving Training Industry Simcha Gluck

  • The interview highlights how the training industry is becoming more experience-based, beneficial for keeping millennials engaged.
  • Simcha shares startling statistics about engagement in the trading industry.
  • Verbatim Quote: "Almost 80% of employees in the trading industry are not engaged. The world of training is now moving to a place where it's got to be even more engaging."

Taking Action Is the Key Simcha Gluck

  • The interview concludes with the invitation to listeners to take action on the insightful knowledge shared.
  • Verbatim Quote: "What can you implement for yourself and your business in the next 24 hours? Remember, taking action is the secret sauce to results."