Creating a Sustainable Future: The Untold Journey To Zero Emission Innovation And Its Impact on our Quality of Life with Joss Tantram

In this enlightening session, we have the privilege of hosting Joss Tantram, a respected partner at Terrafinity. Joss Tantram is renowned for his successful implementation of innovative sustainability strategies, offering businesses and not-profits a practical walkway towards a greener, more secure future.

By delving into the complexity of sustainable value creation, this interview promises to provide listeners with essential insights into effecting meaningful environmental change through their businesses. This conversation is particularly befitting for business owners, decision-makers, and anyone passionate about sustainability, presenting an invaluable opportunity to understand the intricacies and practicalities of effecting sustainable transitions within their respective organizations. The knowledge gained will empower the audience to more effectively navigate the terrain of sustainable business practices. 

Reasons Why You Should Listen to the Full Interview

  • Learn how to integrate and implement sustainable strategies into your business or not-profit for long-term resilience.
  • Discover the influence of 'Cradle to Cradle' concept in understanding industrial production for sustainable outcomes.
  • Understand the potential challenges and dark sides of pursuing sustainability, enabling you to take educated steps towards a sustainable future.

Joss Tantram Interview Highlights 

Implementing Sustainable Strategies for Business and Not-Profits

  • Discussion on Terrafinity's approach to sustainability.
  • Understanding the role of businesses and not-profits in driving sustainability.
  • The need for innovative sustainability strategies.
  • "The sustainability of your business extends beyond short-term profit." - Joss Tantram

Michael Reynold’s Earthship and The Zero Emission Car Wash

  • Discussing real-world sustainability initiatives.
  • Introduction to the concept of on-site wastewater treatment.
  • The need for solutions addressing sustainability gaps.
  • "Sustainability isn't just about recycling waste; it's about lesser creation of waste in the first place." - Michael Reynolds

Cradle to Cradle – Understanding Industrial Production for Sustainability

  • The need for sustainable industrial processes.
  • Harnessing the potential of the 'Cradle to Cradle' concept in industry.
  • "A sustainable industrial process takes into account the entire product life cycle." - Joss Tantram

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Potential Challenges of Pursuing Sustainability

  • Discussing the risks involved in sustainable transitions.
  • Identifying possible threats and how to navigate them.
  • "Understanding the challenges ahead allows us to approach sustainability more effectively." - Joss Tantram

Role of Sustainability in Long-term Business Strategy and Planning

  • The viability of sustainability as a long-term business strategy.
  • The need to consider sustainability for long-term business resilience.
  • "The future of business lies in sustainability." - Joss Tantram


  • Recap of the key points discussed in the interview.
  • Appreciation and acknowledgment of Joss Tantram’s insights.
  • "By combining foresight and innovation, we may collectively accelerate our progress towards sustainability." - Joss Tantram

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