Creating a Safer Internet: How to Unleash Growth and Social Impact through Trust and Safety with Vejeps Ephi Kingsly

This insightful interview features Vejeps Ephi Kingsly, an esteemed professional in the field of Trust and Safety at Genpact.
With over a decade's experience and notable contributions of Vejeps Ephi Kingsly to internet platforms around the globe, Vejeps Ephi Kingsly passionately discusses building value and promoting safety in the digital realm.

With a skillset honed by years of practical applications, he offers compelling insights into the intersection of technology, ethics, and social impact.
Both tech enthusiasts and professionals in the field will benefit from Vejeps Ephi Kingsly thoughtful reflections and practical advice, deriving valuable lessons on navigating the digital landscape responsibly and effectively.

Here are the reasons why you should listen to the full interview:

  • Learn how to recognize the intrinsic value of understanding the fundamentals of any subject before diving into complexities, through Kingsly's eloquent analogy of a wobbly table.
  • Discover the transformative power of challenges turned into opportunities, as Kingsly compellingly articulates how to punch above your weight and maximize scarce resources. 
  • Understand the importance of continuous learning and cultivating a supportive culture, as Kingsly reveals his unique philosophy on team development and individual growth.

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Interview Highlights 

The Significance of Understanding Fundamentals

  • Vejeps Ephi Kingsly emphasizes the importance of establishing foundational knowledge before diving into advanced concepts like generative AI.

"Fundamentals are fundamental for a reason. Without them, it's like having a wobbly table."

Maximizing Challenges into Opportunities

  • The conversation delved into Vejeps Ephi Kingsly approach to difficulties as stepping stones for growth and innovation.
  • He advises individuals to leverage their capabilities and do more with limited resources.

"My biggest challenges have always been opportunities."

Vejeps Ephi Kingsly: Continuous Learning and Team Culture

  • Kingsly identifies continuous learning as a vital skill for personal and professional development.
  • He also highlights the significance of a supportive team culture in shaping individual behaviors and skills.

"It's more important to build an ecosystem of support."

The Impact of Market Incentives on Societal Progress

  • Kingsly responsively distils the complex theme of market incentives and societal progress.

"In free markets, there's an incentive to be better, to be excellent." 

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