Zero to $100,000 per month & how you can try to do it too – with Kim Barrett

The upcoming podcast interview uncovers the gritty reality behind high-level sales, as well as the importance of conversion over leads.

With Kim, an entrepreneur who successfully closed $600,000 in sales in one day, this is a must-listen episode for budding entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts.

Kim's unique perspective comes from his journey, as he navigated the choppy waters of entrepreneurship. The interview dives deep into his methodology, work ethic, and time management strategies that effectively catapulted his success. Its richness isn't only for aspiring entrepreneurs and marketers; it's an enlightening resource that helps everyone understand the inner workings of a successful business.

Here are the reasons why you should listen to the full interview

  • Discover the transformational power of focusing on conversions over leads.

  • Learn how to effectively manage your time for maximized productivity.

  • Understand how mentorship can cornerstones your entrepreneurship journey.


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Interview Highlights

Kim Barrett: Conversions Over Leads, The Key to Success

  • Learn how Kim shifts his focus from leads to conversions
  • Discover how discomfort can lead to growth
  • Understand the significance of making tough decisions in business
  • Remember Kim’s quote, “You have to be comfortable getting other people uncomfortable so they feel the pain.”

Kim Barrett: The Impact of Mentorship

  • Kim's personal experience with mentors Gulliver Giles and Leela Cost grove
  • Understand how mentorship allowed him to overcome financial hurdles
  • Learn how to find and engage with mentors who resonate with your entrepreneurial goals
  • Quotable quote from Kim, "Even that gave me a bit of a breakthrough just having to come up with the money to do it."

Time Management: Doubling Down on Productivity

  • See how Kim managed intensive 12 - 13-hour workdays and 56 hours of sales calls

  • Understand the correlation between team management and productivity

  • Learn how focusing on productive hours can lead to increased success

  • Refer to her quote, "Time Management for Entrepreneurs talks about how your productivity you have to really pay attention to what you're doing."

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