Unlocking Potential & Inspiring Generation: Lessons From a Martial Art and Empowering Young Minds with Alan La

The upcoming interview presents a candid conversation with Alan LA, a best selling author and proclaimed Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee. Best known as the visionary founder of Invincible Worldwide, Alan is on a relentless mission to empower professionals and inspire the youth of Genwise.

His attractive journey diverges from a small-time martial arts instructor in his parent's garage to a successful entrepreneur leading a global initiative. The immense value he holds in overcoming life's challenges, growing a business, and finding a purpose-driven success is something that all aspiring professionals, entrepreneurs, and martial artists stand to benefit from. Tapping into his rigorous journey will pave the way for listeners to unlock more of their potential.

Here are the reasons why you should listen to the full interview:

  • Learn how to harness challenges and turn them into a stepping-stone for success from Alan's personal transformation journey.
  • Discover the true essence of enduring entrepreneurial success from Alan's unique standpoint of purpose-driven success.
  • Understand the importance of a strong team, implementing systems, and pursuing larger-than-life goals in achieving overarching success.


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Interview Highlights

The Grind of Showcasing a Great Product

  • Alan's core objective is not to sell too hard but to showcase a great product and help people determine if it fits them.
  • He empathizes that it can be a grind.

"It's about showcasing a great product, having people raise their hands and helping them determine if it fits them."

Rising from a Garage to a Community Hall

  • Alan La shares his journey from teaching martial arts in his parents' garage to running his business in a massive community hall.
  • He opens up about the challenges faced during this growth.

"What were some of the biggest challenges that you faced in growing to where you are now? "

Overcoming Entrepreneural Doubts

  • As an entrepreneur, Alan talks about processing doubts and persisting in tough times.
  • He emphasizes the importance of delegation and automation.

"Success is a team sport. You need to delegate and automate as much as you can."

Purpose Greater Than Finances

  • Alan La talks about his mission to empower people to be physically, mentally, emotionally, socially extraordinary.
  • He emphasizes the importance of long-term goals over short-term returns.

"I think your purpose has to be bigger than just financial."

Opportunities to Engage and Interact with Alan La

  • Alan La provides his website and Instagram handle to reach out with questions.

"I'm open to any questions and want to help. What are some of the best ways to reach out? Is invincibleworldwide. com? Or on Instagram."

Please listen to the full interview for all the types of personal insights that Alan shares.

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