Marketing Strategy vs Tactics And How to Improve Both with Todd Brown

How do you contrast between a marketing strategy vs tactic? Which one should you invest your time and energy in for a more sustainable business? Our guest, a seasoned marketer, breaks the answers down for us in this week’s episode.

Market funnel engineering expert Todd Brown joins us today. He explains the difference between marketing tactic versus marketing strategy. We talk about the importance of paying for the acquisition of customers and doing this sustainably. Todd shares the three phases that he goes through when executing successful marketing strategies. He takes us step-by-step, from engineering and upgrade to the scaling stage. He debunks an upselling model and tells you how you can do this better.

If you want to learn how to apply a good marketing strategy and tactics, this episode is for you!

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Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Learn the difference between marketing tactics vs marketing strategies.
  2. Explore Todds’ three stages of marketing execution to attract your target audience.
  3. Find out more tips from Todd about pricing, upselling, and how to achieve your marketing goals.


Check out marketing books that Todd recommends:

  • Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene M. Schwartz
  • Books by Dan S. Kennedy
  • Books by John Caples
  • Books by Victor O. Schwab
  • Books by Robert Collier

Go check out Todd’s free video series Six Figure Funnel Formula to learn more about building marketing funnels.

Do you want to know how you can build a reliable, consistent, and sustainable business? Check out Todd’s blog!

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The Process and Benefits of Creating a Marketing Funnel for a Sustainable Business

How Todd Got Started as a Marketer

  • Todd used to work in a health club in New Jersey. At that time, his idea of marketing was similar to advertising. He was clueless about marketing campaigns, content marketing strategy, and even search engine optimization.
  • One day, he received a direct response postcard from someone who was selling a marketing and sales system.
  • He got interested in salesmanship after receiving the home course. This was his introduction to the direct response world.
  • He began to implement all his learnings in his department and their growth skyrocketed.
  • Todd wanted to share his knowledge, so he created his own information product about marketing.

Protecting Your Content

  • His team takes measures to protect their marketing plan but they don’t lock everything down.
  • Doing so may impact their clients’ experience.
  • Jon believes that he can produce quality content faster than others can. He takes advantage of sustainable competitive advantage.

Contrasting Marketing Tactic versus Marketing Strategy

  • The difference between tactic versus strategy is, the former are the things you do to execute the latter.
  • Successful tactics today may not remain so tomorrow. A successful marketing strategy remains effective over time.
  • A star marketer looks for unique ways to implement the most effective marketing strategies. An average one will use common tactics. Your target market won’t like it.
  • When choosing to prioritize between tactic versus strategy, try to learn more about the latter.
  • Make sure that you understand the strategic reason why others use a specific tactic or marketing efforts.

Pay for the Acquisition of Customers

  • In direct response marketing, it’s about being able to afford the most per click, not the least.
  • If you can’t afford to pay for the acquisition of customers, you don’t have a business.
  • To achieve security and stability in your business, you must acquire customers from paid traffic.
  • You should prioritize setting up a marketing funnel.
  • Quantify and track your marketing. You need to determine your ROI.

Front and Back-End Marketing

  • The typical entrepreneur doesn’t contrast between front-end and back-end transactions. Their sole goal is to generate profit.
  • The goal in the front-end must be maximum customer acquisition. The back-end involves maximizing the lifetime value of your existing customers.
  • Good marketers know which sequences to use for front-end vs back-end marketing.
  • Listen to the full episode to learn about why tripwires should be used for front-end marketing!

The Three-Times Model vs Reverse Add-Ons

  • Most marketers are taught that the next offer in an upsell sequence should be 3x more expensive than the last.
  • This method is unrealistic. Add-ons, specifically reverse add-ons, are more effective.
  • A reverse add-on is an offer that gives your consumers additional value from their first purchase.
  • This add-on should only cost them a fraction of the product they initially purchased.
  • The more you offer reverse add-ons, the less likely your customers are to ask for a refund. They also help you develop your back-end and create a ‘yes’ momentum.

Limits in Upsells

  • According to Todd, it depends on what the customer does.
  • If the customer says no twice, then the transaction is done.
  • If the customer gets excited, make sure you give them the moment to obtain maximum value from you.

Marketing Execution

  • Todd breaks their marketing execution down into three phases.
  • The first is engineering the funnel. They test the viability of their main front-end product.
  • Depending on the ROI, they go into the second phase, during which they implement the add-on offers.
  • In this stage, they look into optimization metrics to identify and improve the weakest link.
  • The third phase is scaling the funnel. This involves increasing the volume of traffic you are putting in the funnel.

Todd’s Recent Projects

  • Todd released a live training program about smart funnels.
  • It is a type of marketing intelligence where you display a particular ad to a prospect.
  • To know more about Todd’s live training program, tune in to the full episode.

Two Powerful Quotes

“Security, stability, [and] consistency in your business only comes from the ability to acquire customers from paid traffic.”

“Recognize that with time, with study, with due diligence, and with practice, you can develop the chops. I believe, personally, just from my own experience, and that of many of my friends that marketing is a learned skill.”

About Todd

Todd Brown is the CEO and Founder of MarketingFunnelAutomation. He is the the #1 authority on engineering customer acquisition campaigns for profit. Todd is a marketing expert sought by other experts for help in marketing strategies.

Throughout his years, Todd served clients from 33 different countries and has operated over 65 various niche markets. He has helped his coaches build more six- to seven-figure marketing campaigns compared to other online experts.

With his agency, he has helped students, clients, and subscribers create marketing campaigns. They have been working behind some of the largest direct response marketers and companies worldwide.

Today, Todd serves entrepreneurs who fly in across the globe to learn his famous and renowned marketing strategy called the E5 Method. You can find Todd on his website, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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