Understanding the Sales Process With David Lopez

Sales is the lifeblood of every business. It is what makes companies move and grow. There is a lot of misinformation when it comes to how the sales process works and how to be efficient at it.

In this episode, our guest David Lopez discusses all about sales process—from starting out to the essential tips and tricks. He emphasizes the importance of a positive mindset, being confident, and knowing how to build rapport with your clients.

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  1. For more sales insight, connect with David through his company's website, Majesty Level Marketing. You can also reach him on Instagram.

If you are interested in getting into sales process and growing your business, check these show notes, and don’t forget to listen to the podcast!

David’s Insights on Sales

Getting Into Sales

  • He always had an entrepreneurial mindset, finding ways to be creative and make something out of nothing.
  • His real journey started at 18 when he began learning about prospecting sales, handling objections—the whole sales process—on a more corporate level.

Defining Sales

  • According to David, sales is one of the most important assets in this world.
  • Sales is the currency of this world.
  • It is what makes money move around, and every company needs to make sales to survive.

What Makes a Good Salesperson?

  • Always be prepared. Don’t just show up and wing it.
  • Prospecting is a vital part of the sales process.
  • You should enjoy selling—you have to love what you are doing.
  • Be committed, and don’t give up even if you’re just starting and still struggling.
  • To be successful, you have to know that sales is a process.

The Importance of Rejection In Sales

  • Sales don’t begin until you get your first no.
  • The more doors that you hit, the more sales that you will get.
  • The calls \you make will account for your sales.
  • If you are only doing business with people that don’t say no, you become an order taker, not a salesperson.

How Do You Make Sales?

  • The key to making sales is confidence.
  • Believe there is nothing in the world that can make people tell you they don’t need what you have.
  • Make sure you have something that’s helping clients, which will bring them to a higher level.

Salespeople Make the World Go Round

  • People don’t realize that salespeople provide value through what they sell.
  • They take action to a higher level and change your mindset—something that is not easy to do in this world.

Having a Positive Mindset

  • People are going to throw rocks at you. Whatever happens, always keep a positive attitude.
  • Don’t let other people or problems get to you.

How Do You Avoid Becoming Adversarial?

  • It boils down to understanding your position.
  • Don’t just get into comment rotation of agreeing and disagreeing. You have to be on the same side of the boat.
  • Always keep it as a conversation, not a confrontation.
  • Find a way to influence them and get them to hear you. Then build them up to where you both have the same understanding.
  • It’s not because the clients are always right; it’s because you have to maintain rapport.

Moving Down the Line With Questions

  • Asking the right questions keeps you in control.
  • Don’t make it sound robotic because they would feel that it’s not natural, and you’re not caring about them.
  • Build a rapport targeting the situation and problem at hand.
  • You use questions not only to qualify them but also to understand their full dynamic and their situation.

Following Up and Closing a Deal

  • In sales talking, you give clients a quick solution to their problem without getting involved in it.
  • If the prospect seems dead, follow up and drag them back into different offers, or make sure you nurture them to lead further down the road.
  • Keep notes on why a client didn’t pick up so you can be in touch and call them back
  • Don’t cherry-pick.
  • Having a script is a good way of introduction to your story presentation.

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 About Our Guest

David Lopez is the CEO and founder of Majesty Level Marketing, Inc., where he mentors students and individuals to become experts in the sales process. He is an award-winning sales and marketing expert, selling millions of dollars worth of services, products, and fundraising as an external representative for several major corporations.

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